Online Gambling in Arizona

We know that the world of online gambling is fairly new to Arizona. You may be wondering “Can I  gamble online in Arizona?”. The answer is “Yes, you can!”. There are many legal online sportsbooks that are just waiting to be visited by Arizona’s most ardent sports fans. 

Online gambling is here to stay and it looks as though it’s becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the very best in Arizona’s online gambling scene. We’ll also look at whether online casinos are legal and much more. 

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The most popular sports betting markets in AZ

Online gambling in Arizona is incredibly popular, and there are some excellent sports betting markets to enjoy. While there are quite a few different sports betting markets, some of the most popular in the Grand Canyon State include:

Horse Racing

Horse racing seems to be as popular in Arizona as it is all across the United States. This is a sport that offers so much excitement to everyone who places a bet. Arizona online sportsbooks offer players the chance to place a bet on many different races every single day. Online horse betting was not legal for quite some time. However, it was made legal in 2021 and it’s fair to say that this sport is growing increasingly popular with players all over the state.

Boxing and MMA

Anyone who lives in Arizona can now place a bet or two on boxing and/or MMA matches. These sports are hugely competitive and no one knows just what the outcome will be. This is why many players are more than happy to place bets. While betting on boxing and MMA matches is not as popular as horse racing is, these sports are growing increasingly popular every day.

Daily Fantasy sports

Also known as “e-sports”, Daily Fantasy sports are relatively new. The concept revolves around a computer deciding on the outcome of a game. This type of sport is unique as it’s very hard to predict which team will win. This is because the games and races are individual and not always based on the team’s previous successes.

Daily Fantasy sports have increased in popularity in recent years. This is thanks to how lifelike they are. Some sports are so realistic that it can be hard to tell the difference between real and virtual sports.
The surge in popularity of multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) has helped to boost the popularity of Daily Fantasy sports. It’s hoped then, that this type of sport will become even more popular and appeal to players who love to indulge in gaming from time to time.


One of the most popular sports to bet on is, of course, football. The Arizona Cardinals are a local team that has been in the NFL since 1920. Local NFL enthusiasts can place a bet on their favorite local NFL team and hopefully watch them do well. We shall keep our fingers crossed as the Cardinals are a much-loved team and we want them to excel.


Online sportsbooks simply could not forget about basketball. This is a sport that has a huge following, and it’s easy to see why. Basketball is a fast and furious game and one that’s a pleasure to bet on. Should a player wish to bet on a local team, they can bet on the Phoenix Suns. This team joined the NBA as an expansion team back in 1968. While the Phoenix Suns have only managed to appear in the NBA finals 3 times, they are hoping to do better in 2022.


Many players love to bet on hockey matches. The hockey season can be somewhat unpredictable, and it’s this that helps to keep players coming back for more. With multiple hockey matches up for grabs every day, it seems there’s always something thrilling to be on.

Arizona’s local team is the Phoenix Coyotes, and it’s safe to say that this team brings a lot of excitement with each match. The team seems to be full to the brim with surprises. While they have only made the playoffs 9 times, they won against the Colorado Avalanche earlier this year. It’s hoped that the Phoenix Coyotes will keep this up and bring more excitement during 2022. Only time will tell.


Major league baseball is another sport that seems to have taken the Grand Canyon State by storm. This much-loved game is one that is hugely popular. Some of the most popular games that have taken place in AZ in recent years have been played by the Arizona Diamondbacks. While the Diamondbacks have not been hugely successful of late, this team is set to change this. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


One of the best sports teams in the area is the Phoenix Mercury. This women’s basketball team has won 3 championships in recent years and is set to win many more. Those who love to place a bet on sports online can take a look at the Phoenix Mercury’s wins and place a bet accordingly.

While the WNBA is not yet as popular as the NBA, it looks as though Phoenix’s local team is set to change things.


There are a few Arizona online gambling sites that offer players the chance to bet on college teams. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has some of the most exciting sportsmen and women around. When players place a bet on the games they play, they are helping to boost the confidence of future legends.

It’s surprising that the State of Arizona lets players place a bet on some collegiate games. Not every state permits this. However, the Grand Canyon State has decided that those who live in AZ can bet on them.

As you can see, there are quite a few different sports for players to bet on. It’s likely that even more sports will be added over time.

Arizona gambling news & stories

Check out Arizona’s latest sports events and betting news:

Stay tuned for more news and updates as they happen. If something you should know about happens, it will be reported here.

The legality of Horse betting in AZ

It wasn’t until fairly recently that online horse betting became legal in Arizona. However, now AZ online gambling just would not be the same without horse betting. In fact, this part of the world is one of the very few states that offer online racing throughout the year. This is one of the reasons why horse betting has taken off. Another reason is that there are many different races taking place almost every single day. 


With the meets beginning in late October and continuing until early May, there is much to offer everyone. If this was not enough, there’s a summer schedule that takes place from May through September. Other meets and schedules tend to run throughout the year, proving that Arizona’s horse racing seems to have it all. 

Offering online horse racing


It makes sense for all Arizona online sportsbooks to offer online horse racing. There is potentially a lot of money to be made from this industry. In addition to this, players can enjoy being able to do their research and bet on the most likely horses. While they may not always win, players can enjoy the excitement of betting on a horse or two. 

The history of online horse betting in Arizona

When sports betting legislation changed back in 2021, online sports betting was now a possibility. Until then, players had to place a bet at a land-based casino. Now, they have much more choice. Surprisingly, however, not every online sportsbook offers horse betting. However, it is hoped that more of them will over time. 

What you should know about online casinos in AZ

Does Arizona allow online gambling? Yes it does. However, when it comes to the subject of online casinos, this state seems to be a little stalled. Players can place a bet at a land-based casino or at an online sportsbook. Unfortunately, players cannot place a single bet at an online casino in Arizona. Why? Because online casinos aren’t legal as yet. 

Arizona’s land-based casinos

Land-based casinos are legal and they are all run by 16 different Indian tribes. With an annual revenue of approximately $2 billion, it’s clear that there’s a real market for casinos. The reason that land-based casinos are legal is thanks to the agreement that governing Tribal lands have with the Arizona State government. The “compacts”, as these agreements are known, give Tribes the rights to operate casinos and slots.

2022 may not be the year

As profitable as land-based casinos seem to be in this part of the United States, online casinos may not make an appearance any time soon. It took 5 years for online sportsbooks to come into fruition, so it’s unlikely that 2022 will be the year for online casinos.

There are some online casinos available to those who live in Arizona. Unfortunately, none of these online casinos are legal. The issue of legality does not seem to worry some, however, as there are more than a handful of illegal online casinos.

The issues with illegal online casinos

Aside from being against the law, there are some major issues associated with illegal online casinos. Firstly, they do not have any licenses to operate. This means that those behind the websites have not opted to run their sites safely and securely. They have not agreed to keep every player and their money safe. So, this means that these illegal online casinos can potentially take a player’s cash and personal information without a second thought.

If the issue of player safety (or lack thereof) does not dissuade players from signing up, the lack of regulations may. Online casinos in other parts of the country are, for the most part, regulated. What this means is that they have to operate in a specific way. Online casinos have to be fair to every player.

Regulated online casinos

Checks are carried out frequently and without the knowledge of the online casino in question. Regulators work to make sure that every single game is fair to those who play them. If an online casino is not regulated, they can do whatever they please. This means that they can make games unfair, should they wish to. Online casinos bonuses that are offered by unregulated casinos should also be avoided, no matter how good they sound. 


As you can see, there are quite a few issues associated with illegal online casinos. Players should, ideally, avoid casinos such as these at all costs. If a player really wants to spend time at a casino, they can visit Arizona’s land-based casinos. Alternatively, they can spend some time in another state and enjoy spending time playing at the best online casinos there. 


It is hoped that online casinos will make an appearance in Arizona at some point in the near future. However, for now, players can enjoy visiting the wide range of online sportsbooks instead. If the State of Arizona does make online casinos lawful, you’ll hear about it at Profit Squad. 

The situation surrounding online poker in AZ

We know that any Arizona online casino that’s operating is not legal, but when it comes to legal gambling in Arizona, where does poker stand? The fact of the matter is that online poker is still not poker in Arizona. 

Unfortunately, there are some online poker sites that operate in AZ, but they are not legal as yet. At the time of writing (May 2022), there are some offshore online casinos, but again, these are not legal yet. 

While it’s unlikely that players will get into trouble for visiting these offshore casino and poker sites, visiting them is not a good idea. As we have already seen, unlicensed and unregulated casinos can spell a lot of trouble. It is, therefore, best to stay away from them. 

Players who do feel like taking a risk should be aware that any money they deposit into such websites may not be refunded. In addition to this, any money that they win is unlikely to reach their accounts at all. 

Gambling Tax Rates in Arizona

Not a lot of people are aware that should they win some money via an Arizona sports gambling site, they may have to pay tax. However, this is only the case if a player is lucky enough to win a considerable amount of money. 

The website that a player gambles with will keep some of the winnings back for tax purposes. This may not sound very fair, but it’s a part of Arizona’s gambling laws. Both the IRS and the Arizona Department of Revenue will consider the winnings to be taxable income. 

How much are winnings taxed?

It is standard practice across the whole of this country for sportsbooks to keep 25% of a player’s winnings. This tends to be why most online sportsbooks ask for a player’s Social Security number. 25% of the money won is taken and paid in taxes. If players fail to tell the online sportsbook what their SS number is, the sportsbook may keep as much as 28% back. 

Players must pay tax if they have won:

  • At least $600 in winnings (not as a result of poker, bingo, keno, or slot machines) and the payout is 300x the wager
  • At least $1,200 on slot machines or bingo
  • At least $1,500 from keno (A game that’s similar to the lottery)
  • At least $5,000 from a poker tournament


More specifically, players will need to pay out the approximate percentages when they win money if they file as a married person who is filing separately or as a single person:

  • 2.59% = $0 to $26,499
  • 3.34% = $26,500 to $52,999
  • 4.17% = $53,000 to $158,999
  • 4.5% = $159,000 and more


If players are married and they file as the head of a household of the are a widow or widower, they may have to pay:

  • 2.59% = $0 to $52,999
  • 3.34% = $53,000 to $105,999
  • 4.17% = $106,000 to $317,999
  • 4.5% = $318,000 and over


Please note that the above tax rates were correct for the 2020 tax year. The more recent rates may be slightly different. It is up to every player to make sure that they are fully aware of the most recent tax rates and that they abide by them. 

The Arizona government uses taxes to pay for and fund public services and programs. Economic development and education tend to benefit the most from the tax and the money is used as a way of supplementing the government’s general funds. 

The best online betting sites Arizona has will mention the taxes and tax rates in their terms and conditions. When players sign up to online sportsbooks they are declaring that they agree to the tax rates that have been set. 


Yes. Since 2021, players in Arizona have been legally able to place a bet at online sportsbooks. 

The most recent Arizona online gambling laws allow players to place bets on a variety of sports. Online casinos and poker are not yet legal in Arizona. However, it is hoped that they soon will be. 

Players simply need to choose an online sportsbook such as betmgm Arizona and sign up to the site. The next step is to deposit cash and choose which sport they’d like to bet on. Once the player has found a game or race they like the look of they should check the odds and place a bet. 

There is a range of payment methods such as debit card, PayPal, e-wallet, and bank transfers. 

Yes. Most online sportsbooks in Arizona offer players the chance to download an iOS or Android app. 

Yes. Most online sportsbooks use geolocation technology to track a player’s location. Anyone found to be outside of Arizona will be unable to place a bet. 

It is hoped that online poker will be legal soon. Some people ask “is online gambling legal in Arizona?”. Yes, it is, but the only way that someone can gamble online legally is via a sportsbook. 

What is responsible gaming?

Responsible gaming relates to individual players taking control of their gambling habits. There is a lot of popularity surrounding online gambling real money Arizona websites. Many sportsbooks want to give their players the opportunity to have fun while they gamble. They often encourage this by offering players the chance to set:

  • Time limits 
  • Deposit limits
  • Spending limits
  • Betting limits

In addition to all of the above limits, players can even choose to exclude themselves from an online sportsbook. Exclusion can be temporary or permanent. 

Responsible gaming can help players to enjoy betting on sports now and again. Should they be concerned about their gambling, it seems that help is available. All credit to all online sportsbooks that are there to offer a helping hand.