Best Sports Betting Sites in Arizona

Here at Profit Squad, we want to show you which Arizona sports betting sites are the very best. We know that online gambling in Arizona has become increasingly popular lately. This is why we endeavor to make sure that you only ever visit legal online sports betting sites. 

Did you know that we conduct a lot of research? We take a look at all of the Arizona sports betting sites we can find and we review them (more on this later). 

Here at Profit Squad, we want to keep you safe, and we do this by only ever recommending the best sites to you.  We also work to find the answers to questions such as “can you sports bet in Arizona?” and more. We do this so that you can find the answers you need with ease. 

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Arizona’s top bookmakers

Some of Arizona’s top bookmakers include:

Online sportsbookBonus offeredExtras
Caesars SportsbookUp to $1,100 First Bet InsuranceWeekly Odds Boost
DraftKings SportsbookUp to $1,050 FreeNBA Playoffs Promotion
FanDuel Sportsbook$1,000 Risk-Free BetApps available
BetMGM Sportsbook$1,000 Risk-Free Bet$10 Free Weekly Bet
BetRivers Sportsbook$250 Bonus & 100% First Deposit MatchOnly 1 Play Through
Betfred Sportsbook$500 Risk-Free BetDaily Odds Boost
Unibet Sportsbook$250 Risk-Free BetN/A


The above online sportsbooks are some of the very best in Arizona. Each of these sportsbooks is well established around the country and the globe. Players are often given the chance to make use of some great bonuses while placing bets on a wide range of sports. 

Please note, that the above bonuses and extras were correct at the time of writing (May 2022), and are subject to change. 

What we review

At Profit Squad, we review the best sports betting in Arizona and we endeavor to ensure you avoid those less-than-perfect sports betting sites. 

We review each sportsbooks:

Level of security - It’s important that every player’s data and money are protected at all times. The higher the level of security, the more we trust the online sportsbook.

Licenses and regulations - With the right licenses and regulations, online sportsbooks are likely to operate fairly and in accordance with legal practices.

Number of sports offered - Ideally, all online sportsbooks will offer a wide variety of sports. The more the merrier. Some sportsbooks may even live stream games and races.

Betting odds - Great betting odds are not always assured. However, they should always be reasonable. Players should always be in with a chance of winning.

Bonuses and promotions - The more bonuses and promotions there are, the better the online sportsbook is considered to be. It shows that the people behind it have taken the time to entice players and keep them interested.

Ease of use - Every online sportsbook should be easy to use. Ideally, it will take no more than 3-5 clicks for players to place a bet. Additionally, the site should not have too many menus, and players should find that the sportsbook loads quickly every time.

User interface - The best sportsbooks have a very easy to use interface. Players are not shown many different options, and the website should look good.

Deposit and withdrawal options - Ideally, there will be at least 5 different deposit and withdrawal options available. Players should be able to deposit funds using a debit card or credit card, e-wallet, prepayment card, or bank transfer. When it comes to withdrawing funds, players should have just as many options as they do when they deposit money.

Availability of apps - These days, players expect to be able to download an app to their phone or mobile device. If no app is available, players should be able to access the online sportsbook via their phone or mobile device. They should also be able to bet on just as many sports as they would via their computer.

Customer service contact methods -The best online sportsbooks will have multiple customer service contact methods. Ideally, there will be at least 3 different methods (email, telephone, and chat). The more methods there are, the easier it is for players to ask for help and advice.

Reputation - Any online sportsbook that has a bad reputation should ideally be avoided. Players need to be able to deposit money with confidence. They should feel safe when they play and understand that they will receive their winnings should they be entitled to any.

Only when we have reviewed all of the above can we make an informed decision about the sportsbook. It would be easy for us to say that we like a particular sportsbook. However, if we cannot say why our opinion is no good. This is why we undertake as much research as we do. 

You can trust us to undertake perhaps more research than you think before we even consider recommending a sportsbook. 

Typical online sportsbook bonuses and promotions

Anyone who visits online casinos is likely to find that they’re offered at least a few online casino bonuses. When a player visits an online sportsbook, they are likely to be offered some of the best Arizona sports betting bonuses. 

Players are typically offered some or all of the following bonuses and promotions:

Deposit Bonus

New players are typically offered a deposit bonus. This bonus involves them being offered an extra $50, for example, when they deposit at least the minimum amount. Players may have to use the deposit bonus within 7-14 days, otherwise, they may lose it. Don’t worry, all of the information players need to know will be mentioned in the bonuses terms and conditions. 

Any money that is won as a result of using the deposit bonus may need to be wagered a specific number of times before it is withdrawn. 

Deposit Match 

Deposit matches are perhaps the most common type of bonus offered to new players. When a new player deposits money into their account, the online sportsbook may match the deposit. Deposit matches are usually limited up to a specific amount. Some online sportsbooks may offer a $1,000 deposit match, others may offer more. 

A bonus such as this works when a player deposits at least the minimum amount into their account. The online sportsbook will match that deposit. So, if a player adds $50 to their account, the sportsbook will match it. The player will then have $100 in their account. Any money that is won as a result of using the deposit match may need to be wagered a specific number of times before it can be withdrawn. 

Free Bet 

Free bets tend to be offered to most players rather than just new players. A bet such as this allows players to place a bet without having to risk their own money. Free bets may be offered on specific games or races and the odds may also be fixed. However, free bets are great at helping players to improve their betting skills. 

Money that has been won as a result of a free bet being placed may come with wagering terms. Please make sure that you read the terms and conditions before you place a free bet. When you understand what the free bet involves, you’re unlikely to have any surprises. 

Boosted odds 

From time to time, all players may be offered boosted odds. For example, odds on one game may stand at 8/1. With a boost, the odds may change to 6/1. Boosted odds may appear randomly and on specific races and games. If you want a bit of excitement while you bet, look out for boosted odds. 

Please note, this type of bet is not usually offered all of the time. However, players may be made aware when this bonus is about to take place. 

Risk-free bet 

Risk-free bets work in about the same way as free bets. Players usually don’t have to take any risks with their own money when placing a bet such as this. If a player needs to bet using their own money, they are likely to receive a refund should their bet not win. The refund may be limited to $10 or $20, for example. However, they can help to lessen the blow. 

Arizona sports betting promos and bonuses can add more excitement to online sports betting. Every online sportsbook tends to offer different bonuses and promotions, however, they are usually worth making use of. 

The range of sports betting games in Arizona

There are so many different games and matches that players can bet on in Arizona. Many online sportsbooks in this part of the world try to offer a wide range of sports to each player. These can include: 

Horse racing





Fantasy sports


Table tennis



Players can also bet on local teams, should they wish to. 

Multiple games and races take part every single day. Players have the option to bet on as many races and games as they wish. In addition to this, every player tends to have a chance to bet on national and international teams or races. This offers them even more choice and even more excitement. 

How do you bet online?

Placing a bet at the best online casinos and sportsbooks is relatively easy. Players can typically place a bet using their computer or mobile device. 

1. Choose an online sportsbook 

Whether you want to use an Arizona sports betting app or a website, make sure that you always sign up for a legal sportsbook. You should see the licenses and regulations listed at the bottom of the home page and/or in the site’s terms and conditions. If no licenses or regulations are listed, you should avoid using the app or website. 

2. Create an account

The next step is for you to create a sportsbook account. In order to sign up, you will need to enter information such as your name, address, email address, date of birth, and phone number. You may also be asked to provide your social security number or driver’s license details. 

3. Deposit some cash 

The next step in the online betting process is to deposit some cash into your account. Regardless of whether you’re using the best sports betting app Arizona has or the best website, you need to deposit funds. Select your chosen payment method (you can usually choose between 5-6 different ones), and deposit your cash. 

No matter what method you use, the cash is likely to be in your account within a few hours. 

4. Place a bet 

The next step is for you to start placing bets. Choose the sport that you want to place a bet on and click on the match or race in question. Next, select your bet type from the bet slip and enter how much you’d like to bet. Check that you’re happy with all of the details and submit your bet. 

Placing a bet online is fairly easy. After all, it makes sense for the betting process to be as easy as possible. Winning, well, that’s a different story. Once your bet has been placed, sit back, relax and enjoy the game. If you win, consider it a bonus. 

Arizona teams you can bet on online

If you listen to or read any Arizona sports betting news you’ll know that this state has a lot of professional sports teams. Those who live in the Grand Canyon State can bet on their favorite home teams, details of which can be found below. 

The Arizona Cardinals (NFL)

Founded in 1898, the Arizona Cardinals are the state’s NFL team. With this team’s home games played at Glendale’s State Farm Stadium, the Cardinals have been in Phoenix since 1988. While this team has never won the Super Bowl, the stadium has hosted 2 of them. It;’s also thought that another Super Bowl will be hosted in Glendale in 2023.

Partnered with BetMGM, this National Football League team ensures that betting on them is relatively easy.

The Arizona Coyotes (NHL)

Founded in 1996, the Arizona Coyotes are the oldest National Hockey League franchise to have failed to play in the Stanley Cup Finals. However, there is always hope for the Coyotes who can be found at the Gila River Arena.

The Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)

The Arizona Diamondbacks were founded in 1998, and joined the Major Baseball League the same year. In 2002, the Diamondbacks became the MLB’s fastest expansion team when they beat the New York Yankees. With only 1 play-off appearance since 2012, the Arizona Diamondbacks played the state’s very first men’s professional sport championship when they played the Yankees.

The Phoenix Mercury (WNBA)

This Women’s National Basketball Association team was founded back in 1997, and it has 3 WNBA titles. If this was not enough, the Phoenix Mercury has made an appearance in 12 playoffs in the last 14 WNBA seasons. Playing at the Phoenix Suns Arena when they’re at home, it’s hoped that The Phoenix Mercury’s success will continue.

The Phoenix Suns (NBA)

The Phoenix Suns (NBA) Founded back in 1968, the Phoenix Suns will ideally win a league championship at some point. Joining the National Basketball Association in 1968, the Phoenix Suns have won the Pacific Division in recent years. If you want to bet on a home game, you should be aware that they take place at the coveted Phoenix Suns Arena. Be sure to place your bets online before you head to the stadium so that you get some great odds.

Any player who likes to support their local teams should consider placing bets on some or all of the above teams. When more people bet on local teams, it helps to build interest in the local teams, which can only be a good thing.

Arizona’s sports betting history

Is sports betting legal in Arizona? Yes, it absolutely is. However, sports betting and indeed any kind of betting has not always been legal in this part of the country. Let’s take a look at the Grand Canyon State’s interesting sports betting history. 

1980 – The Arizona lottery was adopted with the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 following soon after. This Act allowed Indian tribes to offer places at their on-reservation casinos. 

1992 – The government put rules forward that meant every tribe needed to have an agreement with the state before they could offer slots. 

2017 – Almost 25 years later, the US Supreme Court heard New Jersey’s challenge of the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act). Until then, the country had used the PASPA as something of a roadblock when it came to sports betting. 

2018 – The high court ruled that the gambling laws were nothing short of unconstitutional. This opened the door to Arizona and allowed the state to get one step closer to fully legal sports betting. 

2021 – The proposed bill started to face some resistance when it was examined by the appropriations committee. Senator Dave Gowan, the committee chair, hoped to move forward with what was considered to be a rival bill. This particular bill would have made horse racing machines legal. However, tribal boards saw many red flags associated with this. It is thought to be because this type of gambling would take place in off-reservation areas. 

The good news is that in 2021, State Senator T.J. Shope helped to move the bill through the appropriations committee. This bill did not include the horse racing component that had been of previous concern. 

April 2021 – HB 2772 passed and Governor Doug Ducey signed the bill into law on the 15th of the month. This helped to set the stage for the state’s online betting industry. 

Can you bet on sports in Arizona? You certainly can. As you can see, Arizona’s betting history is a rather interesting one. However, the state got here eventually and it’s now home to some excellent online sportsbooks. With online sportsbooks becoming increasingly popular, it’s likely that more sportsbooks will open up in the near future. 


Yes. The sports betting bill was passed in 2021, and sports betting can now legally take place online in Arizona.

No. Any offshore sportsbook that operates is not legally allowed to accept bets from those in Arizona and the rest of the United States. Sites such as this don’t offer players any protection and it’s likely that they’re operating illegally.

No, but you do have to be located in Arizona in order to place a bet. Many online sportsbooks use geolocation technology to detect where players are. 

Yes. The best online sports betting Arizona has typically involves AZ teams. Players can bet on the Arizona Cardinals, the Arizona Coyotes, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Phoenix Mercury, and the Phoenix Suns.

Yes. Players can legally place bets on the Arizona Wildcats, a basketball team who have a highly respected winning history. It is hoped that players will be able to bet on in-state collegiate teams in the future. 

Look for the best online sports betting Arizona has, whether it’s online or via an app. Create an account and deposit cash. Look for the type of sport you wish to bet on and select a team. Place a bet if you’re happy with the odds offered. 

Yes. Many online sportsbooks have an app that is linked to their website. Players can download the app to their phone or tablet, should they wish. 

This depends on what you are looking for. The best online sportsbook Arizona has may be Barstool sportsbook, others may prefer DraftKings or MGMBet. It all depends on what a player is looking for.