Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk – What are the Odds?


Fans are excited for the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr, and it looks like the latter has gained weight before the match takes place. The two will face off in Jeddah on August 20, and it’s likely that Ukrainian fighter Oleksandr Usyk will show up heavier than his opponent.

Usyk Gains Weight After Winning Initial Match

If we look at the odds on the best boxing betting sites, Usyk is a favorite to retain the titles after winning the initial fight between the two. The match took place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last year in September, in front of a massive audience of 65,000 fans. Currently, Usyk is training in Dubai to prepare for the fight. There, he ran into Amir Khan, a former world champion, who has confirmed that the fighter is looking bigger.

Joshua Looking To Win Back His Belt in Revenge Match

Joshua has a history of going after what he claims is rightfully his. In 2019, he went after Andy Ruiz Jr to win back his belt in a rematch. Now, he’s going after Usyk for a rematch to reclaim his title. Various sites have said that odds are 13/8 that he’ll become champion again. Of course, such predictions are valid, because Joshua’s career so far boasts a record of 24-2, so it’s natural that he hopes to become the world heavyweight champion for a third time.

Former World Champion Amir Khan Confirms Usyk ‘Looking Bigger’

In an interview with Seconds Out, Khan mentioned that Usyk told him he’d put on an additional 15 kilograms since the last fight against Anthony Joshua. Hence, the fans will be able to a different side to his strength in the ring. Saying that Usyk looks like a ‘natural heavyweight,’ Khan elaborated that he looks very strong, and no longer like a cruiserweight. 

Speaking of Usyk’s training, Khan explained that it was easy to see the newfound definition in his body. Calling his new mass ‘solid muscle,’ Khan described him as very thick. If Usyk has gained an extra 15 kilograms as Khan describes, then it means that he’ll be heavier than his British opponent.

Upcoming Weigh-in Likely to be Exciting Due to Usyk’s New Weight

As Usyk weighs around 18 stone, it’s higher than Joshua’s 17 stone, 2 pound weight of last year. This means’s the upcoming weigh-in before the August 20 match would be very interesting. After all, fans and analysts didn’t think that Usyk, who holds the current title for world champion, could exceed Joshua’s weight.

Usyk Previously Held World Cruiserweight Championship Title

While Usyk was the undisputed champion for the cruiserweight division, he stepped up to the heavyweight division in 2019 after making the weight.  He recently got back to training in March after going back to Ukraine to offer his services to the country, which is struggling in the war against Russia.

Usyk Previously Doubted for Smaller Frame

Formerly a cruiserweight, he was doubted when stepping up to the weight because of his smaller frame. Many thought that competing with bigger fighters like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua would be too much, considering how much bigger they are than Usyk. But since he gained a fantastic win over Joshua in September and Tyson Fury has gone into retirement, the heavyweight division is now open. 

 Joshua, the 32-year-old British fighter, regained his championship belts after losing to Andy Ruiz Jr, but now that Usyk holds the title, it will be much more difficult. Before that, he won all four belts after fighting for the title against Joseph Parker in 2018.

Impressive Odds for Joshua VS Usyk 2

Considering that three of the world heavyweight championship titles are at stake, fans are excited to see the outcome. The match will be held at the Jeddah Super Dome, where Anthony Joshua faced off against Andy Ruiz for a rematch in 2019. Most online betting sites for boxing show that Usyk is a favorite among the bookies. After all, he did defeat his opponent once before, and his increased weight shows promises of a win this time around as well. 

While they’re betting that Joshua may win 13/8, the odds of Usyk winning are 1/2, so that’s a 50-50 chance. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because his impressive record of 19-0 show that he has yet to be defeated. Meanwhile, the odds of a draw are about 16/1.