Could Manny Pacquiao be Returning for another fight?


At just 37 years old, Manny Pacquiao made it known to the boxing world that the Timothy Bradley fight would be his last one. During his prime, the PacMan was quick to fill up seats and always had people rushing to the best online betting sites for boxing

And despite making his return to the ring time and time again, it became quite obvious that retirement doesn’t suit him as well. However, while the world-famous boxer has managed to stay away from the ring for over a year now, he did say that he might be making a comeback. But more importantly, that comeback is only happening under the right scenario.

His Duty to His People

Manny Pacquiao is one of the most decorated boxers to date, as he managed to retire with an impressive record of just 8 losses and 62 wins. He won belts in eight different divisions throughout his career and has easily earned over $400 million. But despite being one of the best boxers of all time, he is also a devout politician who wants to help the people in his country. 

While His final match before retirement in September of 2021 wasn’t as spectacular as he might’ve wanted it to be against Yordenis Ughas, it was still the fight where he finally announced his retirement. In his final address to the crowd, he said that he wanted to help his people and that he finally wanted to give back. 

But despite focusing on his political career, as he proceeded to be Chair of the Senate Ethics and Privileges Committee, he kept thinking of coming back to the ring. One of the main reasons why he insists on coming back is because of how his final fight turned out. Despite being 42 years old at the time, it was obvious that the Filipino had lost a step since his last victory against Keith Thurman. 

So even though his mission to help his people still remains his main priority, he is looking to make it back to the ring. And just like in his prime, to the best boxing betting sites, they can find to place their bets. But despite a lot of talk about the Pac-Man coming back, he isn’t taking on any headliners. Instead, his first match will be against a Korean YouTuber and meditator, DK Yoo, in an exhibition match.

The Boxer v Meditator

While many continue to call the fight the Boxer v meditator, it’s worth looking into the DK Yoo. On YouTube, he garnered an impressive following for his meditative practices, along with his unique martial arts. Better known as the Warfare Combat System, his martial arts include aspects of kung fu, savage, and aikido. But similar to most martial arts, especially new ones created, many people question its validity, and rightfully so. 

DK Yoo has yet to show off his martial arts skills in combat-focused settings, such as the Octagon in the UFC. He has been in one boxing match with Bradley Scott, a fierce Middleweight UFC fighter. But circumstances for that fight were also very different since it was an exhibition match. 

While the match only lasted six rounds, it was clear that Scott had the upper hand during the fight, putting height and weight advantage to good use. 

The Pac-Man fight will be quite similar, but it would be interesting to see how the YouTuber handles a more nimble boxer. In this fight, the height and weight advantage are in DK Yoo’s favor, but Pacquiao has the very obvious advantage of experience and raw skill on his side. 

The exhibition match actually proves to be a better opportunity for Pacquiao than DK Yoo since he gets to go into a ring and really stretch his muscles. So if he does plan on making a proper comeback, this fight can be a good launching pad for that. 

It’s likely that the event will take place sometime before 2022, and the Filipino politician has no intentions of moving away from his political career. He intends to make his comeback to the ring while keeping up with his political career. And only time will tell if he can keep up both of them.