Fargo may finally get some Horse Racing Action Soon


Horse racing remains one of the most fun and exciting sports in the US. And nothing quite makes the sport more fun to watch than to bet on horse races online. And as the sport continues to garner a new audience, a special city in North Dakota can see some horse racing action come it’s way. 

More specifically, residents of Fargo can expect these majestic beasts to grace their tracks as early as June of next year. Various North Dakota racing officials made their race tracks open to the idea of changing up where the new race would happen. 

They plan on bringing their individual seasons to Fargo by June and Belcourt by July. This is a big move by the racing officials, seeing how the racing months for each of these race tracks are set in stone.

Why Officials are bringing Horse racing to Fargo in June

Historically speaking, Belcourt’s Chippewa Downs and Fargo’s North Dakota Horse Park work very hard to bring the live racing event to Chippewa downs by June. And by Mid-July, they would have the Fargo race meet. The two events back-to-back were some of the most fun horse riding action that fans of the sport can find. 

Safe to say that this event is one of the best times to bet on horse racing online, jockeys from across the state come in to participate. However, one of the biggest problems that come with having the event during June is that there are plenty of other events that happen throughout the city as well. And since the officials don’t want to compete with the other events, they’re looking to bring that fun horse racing action without having to compete with anything.

How Bad Was The Overlap?

Back when the three-weekend season opened up its doors in the Fargo race track, it had to compete with the Red River Valley Fair and the Fargo street fair. Plenty of other events were also happening during this time, which was taking attention away from the incredible horse racing event. 

If the event had to compete with other popular Fargo events, it only made sense that the city would try to switch its dates. But if it can’t switch its dates, it can do the next best thing and swap the dates with Belcourt to avoid any overlap. Of course, this is a sentiment that the General Manager of the North Dakota Horse Park, Hugh Alan Drexler, very much agreed with.

The North Dakota Racing Commission meeting

During the meeting commission meeting in Fargo, both tracks suggested the idea of swapping the dates of the two events. Seeing how the commission is responsible for setting race dates and gathering funds for the events and track, both tracks had to show that they were on board with the swap. 

Hugh Alan Drexler spoke to the commission on behalf of both tracks, saying that it would be beneficial for both cities if they would swap dates. He also said that the track has a lot of competition during July. He also brought attention to how Fargo tends to get a little hotter during that month, which can make the conditions for the race more difficult. And if the race isn’t going as planned, then horse race betting online can drop significantly. 

The Superintendent for the Chippewa Downs Track, Jamie Herman, also addressed the commission. He mentioned how they had a very similar problem in June with their attendance. Plenty of local events happen in Belcourt during June, which is why he would like to swap the dates. Herman also brought attention to how the Turtle Mountain Days are in July too, which can help fill in those seats real fast.

The Final Verdict

Richard LaFromboise, the Racing Commissioner, happened to agree with both race track representatives. The commissioner himself is also from Belcourt and brought attention to how families who live throughout the country tend to come home by July. So, there’s an even better chance that more people will come in to watch the show. And as more people come to watch the show, they’re also likely to bet on horse races online and generally have a great time.