Here’s Who’s Leading NFL Merch Sales in 2022

Tom Brady in jersey with number 12 on a football match


As NFL’s regular season is set to kick off in a couple of weeks, fans are lining up to get their favorite merch so they can watch the games in their favorite jerseys. But which NFL teams, or more importantly, which players are leading the sales for NFL merchandise and jersey sales? According to the NFLPA, the association made a whopping $2.17 billion in sales. While the NFL point spreads for each of these teams are sure to look better, here are some of the top-selling jerseys.  

10. Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals

According to CBS Sports, the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback ranks tenth place among the best selling NFL jerseys of 2022. Despite facing a challenging season a year post- ACL surgery, fans are eager to see him give his best. 

9. Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs

CBS ranked Mahomes’ jersey in ninth place among the top-selling jerseys of 2022. He’s been a fan favorite since he signed with the Kansas City Chiefs for a jaw-dropping $450 million. As a skilled quarterback, he’s had only four losses during regular season. 

8. Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers

With an almost cult-like fanbase, the LA chargers’ quarterback has a stunning career ahead of him. Herbert’s jersey is ranked number eight among the top-selling NFL jerseys for 2022. Considering his record-setting numbers in his starting seasons, it’s no surprise that the fans adore him. So far, he’s made over thirty touchdown passes in every season.  

7. Cooper Kupp of the Los Angeles Rams

Sports Naught reported that Kupp’s Los Angeles Rams’ merch started selling like hot cakes after he gained recognition as the Super Bowl MVP and even won a Lombardi Trophy. Considering he consistently made the news for weeks, he’s earned himself a reputation among the most famous players in football. After an impressive 2021 season, fans are ready to see him in action once more, and are excited to see him on the field.  

6. Mac Jones of the New England Patriots

Despite being a rookie, Jones’ is making headlines for ranking sixth on the list of top-selling jerseys. Of course, fans agree that the recognition is well-deserved, considering that he paved the way for the Patriots’ success. The team gained six consistent wins, thirteen interceptions, and 22 touchdowns during the season since he came aboard. His fantastic performance hyped up fans as they started buying more of his jerseys. 

5. Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles

Just five years ago, Wentz’s jerseys were leading the sales for licensed NFL merch. Even though the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl, he suffered from an injury that kept him off the field. Nevertheless, the Eagles’ Quarterback had an amazing run as one of the best NFL players of the year. He joined the Philadelphia Eagles as the quarterback after being No. 2 overall player at North Dakota State. From there, he threw 23 touchdowns for the 8-1 season. The NFL betting lines for that season were certainly worth seeing. 

4. Kenny Pickett of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Ever since Pickett joined the field, fans had high hopes from his performance. His quick thinking and exceptional performance allow him to get the best alignment for a pass, even when the odds are against him. In the world of football, passing is a true art, and Pickett is genius in this regard. 

3. TJ Watt of the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers’ defender has one of the best-selling jerseys of all time. Coming on top as one of the best NFL players, it’s no surprise that he comes from a family of athletes. His spectacular defense techniques prove that the skills are in his DNA, and despite accusations of a nasty demeanor, he’s quite popular among Steelers’ fans, 

2. Ja’Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals

Known as the best wide receiver in Bengals’ history, Chase’s jersey is a top-seller. Fans appreciate his commitment to the sport as he continues to lead the Bengals to glory. In the match against the KC Chiefs, he was able to get eleven passes and three touchdowns, earning him a title as exceptional performer. 

1. Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Just his name alone can NFL odds. Despite rumors of retirement, Tom Brady always returns for another season. Brady’s jerseys hold the record for most-sold NFL jerseys in history. He’s among the league’s most celebrated quarterback’s with unparalleled numbers.  Because of his legend, it’s likely that sales for his jersey will stay up. His commitment to leading the team and making fantastic comebacks each season are why he holds a special place in fans’ hearts.