Indiana Horse Racing Commission Suspends Marvin Johnson


Horse racing rarely has any big scandals making the news like some of the bigger sports out in the country. But when some of them do happen to pop up, even people who bet on horse races online to pass the time will look up the latest happenings. And in the case of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission, they’ve taken a major step to suspend one of the biggest names in the state, Marvin Johnson. 

While it may come as a surprise to most people, Marvin Johnson was suspended for his actions that conflicted with the IHRC. And although the full details of why and how everything happened, there is enough to let people know why he was suspended.

The Official Statement from the IHRC

The IHRC made an announcement that they would be suspending trainer and owner Marvin Johnson. They would continue to include Dr. Cynthia Loomis, a renowned veterinarian, along with the popular trainer. In the same public statement that they made, the IHRC also clarified why they were suspending both the owner and the veterinarian. According to their statement, their actions were not in the racetrack’s best interest and compromised the integrity of operations there. 

Clearly, this was a major setback, as the news eventually sent ripples throughout the horse racing community. As further details were released and word began to spread, people eventually started to understand why both individuals were suspended. 

According to official news reports from Johnson himself, the suspension came as a result of veterinarian Loomis treating one of his horses. The treatment occurred on July 4, the same day that Johnson’s horse was supposed to run at Horseshoe Indianapolis. 

Despite the suspension from any future racing events in the near future, Johnson said that he is willing to cooperate with the investigators. And according to statements he made on a local news channel, he wasn’t at the location when the treatment happened. So, it’s hard for him to say that he knew one of his horses was getting treatment.

The Suspension Goes Into Effect

On July 6, official reports from the association of racing commissioners international said that the suspension for both individuals began starting Monday. While most of the people who prefer horse race betting online don’t know what that suspension entails, it is quite simple. In essence, until further notice, both Dr. Loomis and Johnson cannot interact with the IHRC in a professional capacity. 

As long as the suspension stands, both individuals will not have access to all properties that fall under the jurisdiction of the Indiana Horse Racing Commission. So, Dr. Loomis can no longer operate as the board’s official veterinarian, and Johnson can no longer race until further notice. 

Therefore, any horses that did enter under Johnson’s name had to be removed from the lineup of any upcoming races. While three of his horses were slated to run on Wednesday, all three of them were scratched. These horses included Binge, Tuffer Than Tuff, and Onward. Until the suspension lefts, none of these horses will be able to run in any of the scheduled races.

What's next for Marvin Johnson and Dr. Cynthia Loomis

While Dr. Loomis can continue to operate as an independent veterinarian, she can no longer enter IHRC’s official premises. Therefore, she can no longer be present as a vet in any races sanctioned by the commission. 

As for Marvin Johnson, he is entitled to a written request if he can deposit a written request. While he has yet to submit any requests to the commission, it’s possible that he’s waiting for the investigation into the July 4 incident to wrap up. The commission will determine if Johnson will be able to retain his license following a final disciplinary hearing. 

The executive director for the IHRC, Deena Pitman, also wrote in an email that no licensee had made a hearing request. While there are more details into the entire ordeal that are certainly worth discussing, a lot of it is under lock and key. Due to pending investigations, neither Pitman, Johnson, nor Dr. Loomis can disclose any details about the day’s events or why the commission suspended them. Of course, when the investigation concludes, people will learn more about why everything happened the way it did.