Kevin Durant Demands Joe Tsai to Trade Him or Fire Marks and Nash


The Brooklyn Nets are set to face some big changes, whether Kevin Durant ends up staying or is traded. On Monday, The Athletic reported that Kevin Durant had a meeting with Joe Tsai, the Nets governor, and said that he should be traded. That is, unless he fires both Sean Marks and Steve Nash, the general manager and head coach respectively. All of this can have a serious impact on the NBA odds.

Steve Nash Faces Criticism After Nets Swept After First Round

Analysts and fans criticized the Nets’ head coach Steve Nash when the team was swept in the first round after losing to the Celtics. This is despite Durant showing public support for Nash until now. Back in April, Kevin Durant endorsed Nash, saying that he was the right roach for the Nets. He also said that he felt proud of Nash’s determination and passion for the team.

Sean Marks Makes Headlines for ‘Culture Change’ Statements

Serving as the Nets’ General Manager since 2016, Marks made statements that caused him to make headlines during the offseason. He explained that it was time for the Nets to get a culture change, and start building around players who are looking to be a part of something that’s much bigger than themselves. To most fans, it sounded like a shot at the team’s point guard Kyrie Irving.

Durant Gives Tsai Choice Between Him and Nash-Marks Pairing

Over the weekend, Kevin Durant met with Joe Tsai, owner of the Brooklyn Nets, to talk about his trade request. Then, he went on to give Tsai an ultimatum – either trade him or fire head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks. According to Sources for The Athletic, Durant lacks faith in the Nets’ current direction. That should change with the current NBA spreads. 

On Saturday, Durant met with Tsai in London for a professional discussion. The meeting takes places just a year after Durant signed a four-year extension contract with the Nets that was worth $198 million. As of now, it has over been a month since he made a formal request for the trade on June 30. This season is the first one of the extension.

Looking for a ‘Change of Scenery’

According to some sources, the team is aware of the reasons for Durant’s request. Hence, they have reason to believe that the NBA All-Star will be firm in his decision. It’s likely that as he goes into his sixteenth season, he’s looking for a change in scenery. Moreover, many analysts across the league are wondering whether he could end up missing training camp if he’s not traded.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Nets

In the Eastern Conference playoffs, the Nets were swept by the Boston Celtic in just the first round. Consequently, there’s much uncertainty surrounding the Nets. In a news conference that took place in May, general manager Sean Marks said that it was time for the organization to restore its culture. In addition, because of the Durant’s uncertain status, the Nets and their point guard Kyrie Irving were unable to agree upon a long-term deal. Ultimately, he went for the $36.5 million player option, committing himself to the Brooklyn Nets for 2022 to 2023.

Nets Prepare a Championship-Ready Roster

Now, the Brooklyn Nets believe that they have a great roster in the works, signing up new additions and trading old ones for a better chance to win the season. They brought back Nic Claxton and Patty Mills, signed on TJ Warren, and also traded Royce O’Neale. The betting lines will also improve with the current roster. At the same time, Joe Harris and Ben Simmons are set to make a full return, which will improve the Nets’ chances. 

The front office, which is led by GM Sean Marks, is trying its best to keep Durant on the team. Nevertheless, they’re still preparing a team that will boost the organization’s confidence in the event that the team brings the current roster to training camp. Considering that Simmons will be returning after recovering from his back surgery in May, it’s likely that the Nets have a good chance of contending.

Nets Meet with Other League Teams

After Durant made his trade request, the Nets held discussions with just about all other teams in the league. However, the Nets have a very high threshold for the return they want for the two-time NBA champion. Consequently, teams have been unable to meet the Nets’ asking price.