Mick Trout Sidelined Because of Rare Back Injury


Mick trout remains one of the Angels’ best players with only one thing that has helped him back in his career: his injuries. The superstar has had a multitude of injuries throughout his career, which have sometimes even kept him from reaching his full potential. And given his potential, he would’ve improved the baseball betting lines. 

And since his departure from the game following back spasms in mid-July, the likelihood of him pulling a quick recovery is looking less and less likely. With his old history of injury rearing its head out from behind him again, doctors have also come out with the report for his back injury. According to the reports that have come out, the injury could potentially affect the rest of his career.

What does the diagnosis say and mean for Trout?

According to reports from the Athletic, Trout is struggling with costovertebral dysfunction at T5. Although a rare condition, it could likely affect his performance for the rest of his career. However, while the diagnosis is confirmed, its long-lasting effects on his health are yet to be seen. 

So what is costovertebral dysfunction at T5? It’s a condition where the rib becomes malpositioned or stuck from its original location at the spine. Ribs need to be able to move freely to allow for the body to breathe. If one of them fails to move, it could affect various internal organs or cause serious damage. 

As for what causes costovertebral dysfunction at T5, well, the answer is quite staring most people right in the face. The main reason why certain people could develop this condition is through repetitive or often exaggerated movements of the mid/upper back. So a repeated action like swinging the bat could lead to a player developing this condition.

General Outcry over the News

Following the news that Mick Trout was dealing with this condition, social media brought a wave of support for the Angels player. As fans from every corner of the country showed their support for the player, thousands of tweets filled would go on to fill Trout’s feed. 

However, while fans were visibly and rightfully upset over the injury (it even affected their betting odds), Trout didn’t seem to worry. According to a direct statement, Mick Trout wasn’t too worried about his condition or the injury he managed to sustain since he thought that he could eventually move past it.

And given his history of dealing with injuries, it’s not a stretch that he’ll pull through.

Although, what is more concerning to the head coach and the team’s physicians is the frequency with which these injuries occur. While no one would say that the Angels player is cursed, many are worried about how frequently he finds himself taking an off from games because of an injury.

Is Trout Getting Sidelined for His Injuries

The first injury that he sustained following the pandemic and lockdown was a calf sprain. Because of the injury, he was only able to play in 36 more games, and then he was sidelined. Then soon after recovering from his calf injury, Trout would have to be added to the injured list again, following back spasms. Not even a full year passed before he was out of the game again, having only played 79 games out of over 100. This only affected their baseball betting potential. 

As of now, Trout is still on the injured list, which means that he will not be participating in any other baseball events until he fully heals. But despite the diagnosis, the Angels team is hoping that Trout will eventually play this season. 

Granted, according to his current condition, he might be shelved for the rest of the season. However, despite being a necessary decision, it’s a situation that no one wants. Mick Trout wants to play this season, and the fans are also eager to see him on the field too. Mike Frostad, Angel’s trainer, said that he hopes he doesn’t have to shelve him. He continued that he doesn’t think he’s at that point where he could make that decision. 

Nevertheless, everyone is holding out hope that Trout will make a comeback this season, even if the odds of that are slim. And no one is hoping for his comeback more than Trout himself, who just wants to hit the field and help his team win.