MLBA Giants see a Massive drop in Attendance – What could be the reason


Since 2020, nearly every major sporting league has been struggling to get its levels back to their pre-pandemic levels. With the introduction of various streaming alternatives, most people preferred to keep at a safe distance when watching their favorite sports. 

However, since the lockdown lifted again, people started going out to watch their favorite games live. And as nearly every major sporting league eventually saw its attendance rise, the MLBA still struggles to recover from the pandemic’s effects on attendees. This effect has also spread through to the baseball betting scene. 

Despite the lockdown being over for over a year, the MLB is still struggling to bring in fans to the stadium. So what could be the reason for people not wanting to watch their favorite MLBA matches?

Exploring the Immense Drop in Attendance

23 of the 30 teams in the MLBA have seen their attendance drop this season, with some struggling more than others. For example, Athletics saw their attendance drop by an immense 54.6%. The over 50% drop in attendance left most of the team in shock, as they had to play in a stadium half empty. 

Other teams like the Oakland have started an effort to rebuild the team, so their smaller numbers are not all that surprising. The Nationals, Guardians, and Diamondbacks have all seen their attendance plummet by at least 20%. And one of the first reasons that to point to for the lack of attendance is marketability. More specifically, none of these teams don’t have marketable star power. Since they don’t have a fancy face to sell, baseball betting lines don’t do too well either. 

A good example to look at for marketability is the New York Yankees. While they have seen a decrease in attendance, they still managed to amass an audience of 37,000 fans with each game. Their star player, Aaron Judge, will likely pack half those seats on his own. 

As for the rest of these teams, they don’t have anything close to Aaron Judges’ star power.

Attendance Increases throughout Different Teams

While the MLBA continues to see a general decrease in attendance, there are some teams that are still seeing their attendance grow, even if marginally. By looking at these teams, the MLBA as a whole can understand why these teams are doing so well, and they can replicate that for their other teams. 

The Detroit Tigers have seen an uptick in their fans, and all thanks to one player: Miguel Cabrera. While only a minor increase in total fans, Miguel Cabrera’s incredible personality is what fills those seats for the Tigers. This just goes to show that the real problem does just boil down to marketability. 

Some of the other teams that have seen an incredible rise in their attendance include:

  • Blue Jays 
  • Padres 
  • Marlins 
  • Braves
  • White Sox 
  • And Mariners 

All of these teams have marketable players, are playing especially well, or both. That also supports another hypothesis that the team needs to also be playing really well for more fans to fill in those seats. 

No one comes to watch a match where their favorite team gets steamrolled. Having marketable players is not enough. They should also be able to pull a win from time to time. So if teams really want to bring in more fans, they should start focusing on making their team more marketable. 

The best examples of teams that are pulling in big numbers include the Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals, and Braves. All of these teams have poured incredible time and effort to make some of their players stand out. So it’s not uncommon for people to buy tickets just to see those players.

How can the MLBA recover

For the MLBA, at this point, they need their teams to focus on making players more marketable. Other sporting leagues like the NBA have players like Lebron James and Steph Curry, whose personality brings has offered them success outside the court as well. 

The NBA understands this as well, which is why each of the teams focuses so much on getting or making star players. And when they have one, they make sure that the star player is in every game. So if the MLBA wants to recover, they need to start focusing on making their star players more marketable. 

If they fail to increase the brand’s marketability, this could be the beginning of the end for the MLBA.