NFL Updates for the Month of August


August has been a fairly exciting month for NFL fans, as plenty of major updates have come to light. And as NFL betting lines go live, here are all of the major updates for August.

NFL and player's union to appeal Deshaun Watson verdict

The Browns QB found himself in one of the biggest violations of personal conduct in NFL’s history, according to Robinson. While the court did come to a verdict of a six-game suspension with no pay and no fine, the NFL seems to be appealing the decision. Although the league said that they wouldn’t appeal, heavy backlash from fans has made them change course.

The NFL is currently looking to appeal the decision in a federal court, where they will likely get into a prolonged legal battle. Along with the player’s union, they want to amend the verdict to include an indefinite suspension of over a year, as well as a $5 million fine. Watson, while still practising with the team, is currently in a state of limbo as until the resolution comes through, he won’t be able to play.

Jeremy McNichols gets Benched

Jeremy McNichols went over to the Pittsburgh Steelers as their running back. However, despite only joining the team a week ago, he is currently on injured reserve, with the Steelers bringing on another player to take his place. According to official reports, McNichols got a shoulder injury during training, leaving Master Teague to sub for him instead. NFL odds for the team have taken a downturn ever since.

The Steelers actually made room for McNichols on the team by cutting out running back Trey Edmunds. However, McNichols was supposed to be their replacement for the Steelers’ workhorse Najee Harris. Despite being a rookie, he’s proven himself throughout various games, but the team doesn’t want to hand over all that workload to a rookie. McNichols was supposed to be his more established backup before his shoulder injury.

DeVonta Smith is out of practice…for now

DeVonta Smith got a groin injury, which is why he’s been taken out of practice for now. Granted, the Eagles wide receiver is fine, for the most part, according to reports from the head coach. The head coach of the Eagles, Nick Sirianni, doesn’t think it’s anything too serious. He believes that Smith just has some wear and tear, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. So far, the NFL point spreads for this team haven’t taken a serious hit either. 

Despite being aware of the injury that Smith received, Sirianni couldn’t say when or how the receiver hurt himself. One of the main reasons that the head coach is being cautious is because Smith is on the smaller side of players and doesn’t want to take any chances. 

DeVonta Smith isn’t the only Eagles player that’s out for practice, as Jordan Mailata and Andre Dillard suffered concussions. Both offensive tackles skipped Thursday practice to recover. Greg Ward also skipped practice on Thursday, with reports coming out that he suffered from a toe injury.

Chris Godwin Makes His Comeback

After late last season’s ACL tear, Chris Godwin finally put on the pads to practice on Friday. After a long recovery, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were ecstatic to see Godwin out on the field for practice. He came out wearing a brace on the repaired knee and didn’t go all out on the drills. Instead, official reports stated that he was receiving passes and doing individual position drills. 

No one on the field was happier to see Godwin, though, than Todd Bowles, as he said it’s good to see him out there. After sustaining his knee injury, it does look like he is currently on the fast track to making a recovery. They’re also offering him a $60 million contract to show their confidence in him. 

While coach Todd Bowles was certainly happy to see the veteran make a return to the field, he was cautiously optimistic. He believes that there’s still plenty of time until Godwin is back in peak shape to play again. As for star player Tom Brady, he was excused from Friday practice, but Bowles made no mention of when the star player would be coming back for Saturday practice. 

Finally, Mike Evans left practice early because he pulled his hamstring. But the head coach is fairly confident in their performance in time for the next game.