Tyson Fury in Talks Over Celebrity Boxing Match Against Thor Bjornsson


It looks like former world heavyweight boxing champion, Tyson Fury, is set to take on the record holder for World’s

Strongest Man, Hafthor Bjornsson. In July, Bjornsson shared a YouTube video addressing Fury with a message to take him on. In March, he fought a match against Eddie Hall and won by a unanimous decision. Now, it looks like he’s stepping things up and looking to take on Tyson Fury.

Despite Retiring, Fury Open to Celebrity Fights

After scoring a knockout victory over Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury announced that he retired. Nevertheless, he remained open to fights against celebrity opponents in exhibition matches. But this isn’t the first time Fury was approached by Bjornsson, but Fury’s promoters have yet to announce something official. 

It’s likely that a bout between Bjornsson and Fury wouldn’t go on Fury’s professional record as a boxer. Not to mention, it’s likely that they’ll be subject to a modified set of rules, with both fighters using different gloves.

Fury Looking Forward to Fighting in Front of ’70,000 Fans’

The professional boxer has said that a possible exhibition bout is in the works, and it’s possible that he’ll face off Bjornsson in November. It’s likely that the venue will be a football stadium, but it could be risky due to the weather. He also believes that about 70,000 fans would be interested in attending. 

In an interview with Telegraph Sport, he mentioned that it would be a great opportunity to go out in front of about 70,000 fans and show Bjornsson ‘what boxing is all about.’ Fury is also quite certain that he’ll win by a knockout. Seeming very enthusiastic about the idea, he said that his team is speaking to Bjornsson’s because he’s interested. 

But he’s certainly not wrong about the number of fans who will look forward to the fight. It’s likely that the best boxing betting sites will show a high number of bids for an exhibition bout between Fury and Bjornsson.

Fury’s Promoter Frank Warren Not Keen on the Idea

While Tyson Fury may seem ready to face Thor Bjornsson any day of the week, his promoter, Frank Warren, isn’t so sure. As of July, he wasn’t very keen on the idea of an exhibition bout between the two. Though he generally promotes Fury to enter legitimate fights, he mentioned that he’d be willing to look into it if Fury persists. 

He mentioned being unsure of how such an event would sell among fans, but based on Fury’s assumptions, many of them would be ready to see a fight. Warren reiterated that while many things have been said, nothing has been decided for sure.  He mentioned that Fury is currently in the middle of a tour, and is traveling around the country. That means they haven’t gotten the chance to discuss the matter and decide on how things will go. But he did mention that the massive interest in Fury and Bjornsson could mean good news.

Celebrity Boxing Could be Lucrative Opportunity for Fury and Bjornsson

Over the last couple of years, celebrity boxing has become quite a phenomenon. Not to mention, plenty of online betting sites for boxing are hosting bets for such exhibition bouts, considering that professional boxers like Floyd Mayweather, Evander Holyfield, and Mike Tyson have faced off opponents in such matches.

Bjornsson Training Thrice a Day for Match Against Fury

But while most celebrities want to try their luck, it’s no gimmick for Thor Bjornsson, who has been training for the fight and takes it quite seriously. He stated that he just needs a contract from Fury’s people and he’ll sign it to make the fight official. 

In the video where he addresses Fury, Bjornsson talks about his potential opponent’s skills and compliments them, but also talks about how he’s sure he can win. He goes on to mention that he’s training several times a day to improve his skills and take on Fury in a ring. He said that he’s willing to take him on anywhere and challenged Fury to fight him in November. 

It’s interesting to see how things will turn out, though nothing is for certain as of yet. But even so, it’s sure that fans will be lining up to see the two men in action.