What did the Detroit Tigers do in the Transfer Window?


The transfer window remains one of the few times that teams like the Detroit Tigers can pull an upset for the following season. And despite what they originally envisioned, anyone can see that their effort to rebuild the team did quite the opposite, especially when you consider baseball betting odds

In fact, some would say that the rebuilding effort needs another rebuild.

Although there are plenty of people to point the finger at, clearly, fans are a little disappointed by the results of the transfer window.

A Lackluster Lineup

If there is anything that people can take away from the transfer window of 2022 for the Detroit Tigers, it is lackluster. Standing at an overall 41-62, the team is nowhere close to a postseason push. It’s obvious that the misguided effort to rebuild the team needs an overhaul. It would be fitting to say that they could cut their losses and start rebuilding from the ground up. 

However, the top brass has been very vocal about how they don’t need an entire overhaul. Instead, they plan on working through this disaster of a year with the chips they have. 

Now, there is speculation that the higher-ups can’t go for an overhaul, especially since they’ve sunk so much money into this team already. But that’s still just a pipe dream made from rumors on the internet since there isn’t any concrete evidence to back that up.

Where Did It All Go Wrong

With the way that things are looking, people want answers from the people in charge of creating such an underachieving team. Fans and critics have started pointing their frustration toward Avila, who has received immense criticism for his choices. 

The fans, Avila, and the team were quite optimistic about the season following spring training, but they had nothing concrete to justify that optimism. And as the team started to perform game after game, fans were eagerly waiting for the team to eventually pick up steam. That can help improve baseball betting. 

Granted, it is wishful thinking for the team to almost instantly walk out and overcome their six-season postseason drought. However, the team quickly lost any benefit of the doubt that fans were willing to offer as they continued to perform poorly throughout the season. This poor performance also affected their baseball betting odds

What’s more frustrating is that, on paper, the team looked ready to compete. However, on paper, estimates rarely ever translate so well for a team, as a multitude of reasons continued to pile on to their increasingly poor performance. 

Players throughout the team suffered from a multitude of injuries or just played poorly. The result of this overall abysmal performance got them the AL’s third-worst record. As for the offense, the team only managed an average of 3.21 runs every game. 

Suffice it to say. They weren’t performing all that great.

What if…?

The Tigers fans aren’t happy with how the team has been performing this season. In fact, the general MLB fandom can admit that they haven’t come out with that same ferocious energy. So with how most things have turned out, many are speculating plenty of What situations. 

For example, plenty of people online are wondering, what if Greene could’ve made it to the opening day roster? While the reality still remains that he broke his foot during spring training, many wonder if he could’ve brought about something different. 

Seeing how the 21-year-old player was possibly the best offensive player they had on the team, he was easily one of the biggest reasons for the team’s lackluster performance. 

Fans are also wondering what if Mize managed to stay healthy. Despite getting a Tommy John Surgery, he was still the No.1 overall pick. Could he have at least saved his team from coming down to the AL’s third-worst record? 

What if Rodriguez’s marital issues and serious injury didn’t affect his status and overall performance? He has yet to start playing, as he is on a restricted list, unpaid. If he joined the team, could he have saved them from their embarrassing performance throughout the season?

While a lot of fans continue to speculate on how different players could’ve changed how the team performed, it doesn’t change the fact that the Tigers didn’t perform very well in the transfer window. And until the next spring training, it remains to be seen how things will change.