What Happened in Iranian Hulk’s Boxing Debut?


Sajad Gharibi, who also goes by The Iranian Hulk, finally made his boxing debut, which unfortunately didn’t go as planned. People made their way to the best boxing betting sites to place their bet on the bearded giant, only to see him not last a single round. 

Gharibi popped up on social media a while ago for his unique physique and incredible size. The Iranian bodybuilder quickly garnered a unique reputation online, which eventually led to him getting a professional boxing match with one of the biggest names in the bodybuilding community, Martyn Ford.

Events Preceding the Debut Boxing Match

Throughout his social media appearances, his first debut fight was scheduled against Martyn Ford. Along with being one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world, Ford has also been looking to make his way into the world of Combat Sports, especially by training in MMA. And when the Iranian Hulk fight presented itself, he jumped on the opportunity to jumpstart a career from there. 

However, the events surrounding the fight eventually led to Martyn Ford canceling his debut altogether. One of the main reasons why he claims to shut down the fight was because a few clauses from the contract were already broken. At the same time, he was promised that he would be fighting a 400-pound man with experience in MMA. 

However, when both fighters met for the first time, the Iranian Hulk turned out a lot smaller than he anticipated. During the press conference, Martyn also proceeded to push the Hulk back, sending him flying. From there, both teams decided that it wouldn’t be a fair fight, but Ford was the one who called it off. It was the first and last time that people rushing to the best boxing betting sites were disappointed with what they saw.

Moving Onto the Next Challenger

Following the cancellation of the Martyn Ford Fight, Sajad Gharibi quickly started looking for his next challenger. The next person that the Iranian Hulk would go on to fight was Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, also known as the Kazakh Titan. 

And along with the fight being incredibly sloppy, seeing how neither of the fighters had any real experience in combat sports, one still continued to dominate the other. The Kazakh Titan battered the Hulk with multiple blows to the body and the face without his opponent throwing so much as a punch in his direction. 

The Iranian Hulk also turned away from his opponent on multiple occasions, making himself completely vulnerable. While the Titan did score a knockout, the referee stopped the fight as the Hulk continued to turn his back and made dizzied movements.

Breaking down the Debut Fight

No one was expecting the fight to be very visually stimulating, especially since both individuals had no experience in any combat sports. However, no one was expecting the fight to be so one-sided either. 

While the Hulk did start the match throwing a few punches, the Titan quickly took control of the fight. He proceeded to land multiple blows to the head and to the body, seemingly at will, with the Hulk barely able to keep his guard up. 

The first hit that eventually led to the Hulk’s defeat was a clean blow to the body, which made him duck. As he ducked, the Titan continued to hammer him with blows, which is where the Iranian Hulk showed his back for the first time, trying to get some distance from his opponent. However, the Titan continued to keep up the pressure and eventually landed an uppercut that had the Hulk on the ropes. A few seconds later, the referee stopped the match.

Post Match Overview

Following a weak performance of the Iranian bodybuilder in the ring, he said that he was ashamed and he was sorry that he had let the Iranian people down. But other than the fighter, people wanted to talk to the coach and get answers for why the Hulk was in such bad shape. The coach said that they were locked in an agreement, and he only had two weeks to train with no other way around it. It was a situation where he couldn’t go back, and he had no one else to train him.