Best Real Money Online Poker Sites

Poker is one of the most popular games worldwide, which is why it is an inevitable addition to online casinos. Profitsquad presents the best online poker sites for real money for both newbies and advanced US players. 

So read on to find out how many variants of the game there are, which ones are the most popular as well as the rules that differentiate them.

Best Real Money Online Poker Sites

Caesars Online Casino
100% up to $2,000
  • bullet-iconTop notch $2,000 deposit bonus
  • bullet-iconGreat variety of games in offer
  • bullet-iconCaesars rewards system for special promos
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Caesars NJ online casino is perhaps one of the best out there. In fact, no Caesars online casino review would be complete without mentioning the great selection of games, great customer service contact options, and the excellent level of security. This online casino is well worth spending time on thanks to its great graphics and overall enjoyable atmosphere. Caesars NJ online casino really is here to stay.

Golden Nugget
100% up to $250
  • bullet-icon900+ games including progressive slots and live dealer games
  • bullet-iconDemo games allowed before signup
  • bullet-iconGreat navigation and design
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Golden Nugget NJ online casino is perhaps one of the best online casinos around. With a wide variety of games, great bonuses, and promotions, this online casino is set to impress. Golden Nugget also hosts live casino games and sports games. Throw in the multitude of deposit and withdrawal methods and you know you’re in for a great time. This Golden Nugget online casino review is well worth reading.

BetMGM Casino
100% up to $1,000
  • bullet-iconOver 410 games & Live Dealer available
  • bullet-iconAwesome $1,000 match deposit bonus
  • bullet-iconWide variety of slot games
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BetMGM online casino is without a doubt one of the best online casinos around. With a very impressive selection of games and a wide range of bonuses and promotions, it’s no wonder this casino is very popular. The customer service options are very good, as is the level of security. BetMGM NJ online casino is well worth visiting.

Borgata Casino
100% deposit match up to $1,000
  • bullet-iconLicensed and legal in the USA
  • bullet-iconRisk-free sports bet for new customers
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This Borgata Casino online casino review was a real pleasure to research. This online casino clearly knows how to please its players. With a huge selection of games and impressive withdrawal speed, Borgata Casino could be one of the best NJ casinos around. Customer service and security are very good, and players are set to enjoy spending their time online.

DraftKings Casino
$50 free credits
  • bullet-iconExclusive DraftKings slots & live dealer games
  • bullet-iconWelcome bonus worth up to $2,000
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Conducting research for this DraftKings Casino online casino review has been a pleasure. This is an online casino that seems to be a cut above the rest. The casino has more than 650 games, great graphics, and a good reputation. With many different bonuses and promotions open to all players, it’s no wonder that this online casino attracts many players. DraftKings Casino really is here to stay.

FanDuel Casino
Risk Free $1000 up to 24 Hours
  • bullet-iconPlenty of payment options
  • bullet-iconGreat promo codes and offers
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The FanDuel online casino is a good one. No FanDuel online casino review should fail to mention the good selection of games available. In addition to this, the numerous deposit and withdrawal methods are very enticing to all players. The bonuses and promotions are somewhat better than many players can find elsewhere. All of these factors help to make FanDuel NJ online casino one of the best out there.

Hard Rock Casino Online NJ
100% Deposit Match
  • bullet-iconPopular, globally trusted and recognized brand
  • bullet-iconGreat welcome package with 100% bonus and 50 free spins
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When writing a Hard Rock Casino online casino review, it quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary casino. Hard Rock Casino is a very sophisticated and modern casino that offers a lot to every player. With some very good games on offer and some nice bonuses and promotions, this online casino could be considered one of the best.

Unibet Casino
$10 free & $500 deposit match
  • bullet-iconGreat range of bonus offers and promotions
  • bullet-iconMost excellent customer service
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Unibet casino offers every player a great playing experience. The online atmosphere is great from the moment you land on the site, and the customer service is exceptional. Cashing out is a relatively easy process thanks to the selection of options available. Players can choose one of the three different ways to reach the customer service team. This is impressive and is something that all online casinos should consider offering.

888casino NJ
$20 ND + 120% Up To $500 On Deposit
  • bullet-icon$20 free no deposit bonus
  • bullet-iconOver 200 games + live NJ dealer games
  • bullet-iconReliable, safe and regulated
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New players only • One-time offer valid from 2/26/20 – 12/31/22, 19:00 EST • Bonus is only valid if claimed by communication within 48 hours • Bonus must be wagered 30 times within 60 days from granting • Wagering contributions apply and vary by game • Bonus is valid for Casino games only • Withdrawal restrictions and full terms & conditions apply

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888's online casino has a lot of games to offer every player. However, there is a lack of promotions and bonus offers. Aside from this, 888casino is safe to use, and customer service is very good. If players want to spend time at a casino with a good atmosphere and great games, 888casino is the one to opt for.

Virgin Casino
Up to $100 cash back
  • bullet-iconWide Variety of Casino Games
  • bullet-iconGreat Cashback Bonus
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Virgin casino has a very nice atmosphere that’s evident as soon as you log in. While this casino does not have the latest graphics, it still has a good atmosphere. Players are made to feel welcome thanks to the bonuses and promotions available. In addition to this, the games are fun to play and full of enticing graphics.

Table of Contents

How Does Online Poker Work & What to Look For?

The poker table can have anywhere between 2 and 14 players. The standard number of players that’s most suitable for the classic type of the game is between 6 and 8. The goal is to have the strongest 5-card combination created with your two cards and the five on the table.

Players combine their pairs of cards with the ones on the table. The 5 table cards open in three sequences where the first one reveals 3 cards called the flop, then another card called the turn/the fourth street, and the last card called the river/fifth street.

Below are all combinations from weakest to strongest:

  • High card
  • A pair
  • Two pairs
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight (five cards in sequential order)
  • Flush (five cards of the same suit in any order)
  • Full house (a part and a three-of-a-kind)
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight Flush (five-card in sequential order of the same suit)
  • Royal Flush (straight flush containing 10, J, Q, K, and A)

These rules stay the same when you play poker online for real money. Players have betting options to check, call, raise, and fold. The variations of this game introduce new rules which don’t change the nature of the strength of these combinations. 

The rules of other alternatives of this game apply to the number of cards the players get at the beginning of a round or the number of cards on the table. You can read more on the subject in addition to this article.

Available Types of Online Poker Games/Rooms

No matter which operator you’ll pick, you’ll be able to find some of the most popular poker rooms.



Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker online is the most common type with the standard rules of making a 5-card combination out of the seven (2 of the players and 5 on the table). The standard betting types include call, check, raise, and fold.

Omaha Hold’em

Players start with 4 cards (face down) while five community cards lay face-up on the table. Make the best combination using two of your and three community cards. Omaha has a few additional variations, including Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Omaha.

7-Card Stud 

Stud is different quite a lot from the previous two as players get 7 cards, where the first two are dealt face down, the next four are dealt face-up (one at a time), and lastly, they get another card that is also face down. They must make the best hand with 5 out of their 7 cards to win the showdown. The stud also has another variation which is the 5-Card Stud.

Five Card Draw

You can play this game with one or five more players. Determine the ante amount and chip in before you get your five cards. The hand strength stays the same as with other variants of this game. There’s a twist where players get to change one or more cards before the showdown. The one who has the strongest hand with their five cards wins the pot.

Follow the Queen

It is a variation of the 7-card stud with the addition of wild cards. The wild cards are Q and the ones that follow the Queen during the deal. Wild cards give a betting advantage aside from card strength. The player who ends up with the best hand wins the pot.

Real Money Poker vs. Free Money Poker


Real Money 

Free Money 


  • More excitement
  • Live poker offers serious contenders
  • You can gain experience
  • You can see which strategies suit your style the most
  • It’s affordable
  • You can play with bonuses
  • An opportunity to win money
  • Chill gameplay
  • Learn the basics of the game without risks
  • You can try new strategies
  • No possibility of losing money


  • Possibility to lose money
  • Minimal interaction
  • No possibility of winning money
  • It can become dull fast


Is Online Poker Legal in the USA?

As of now, this casino game is legal only in 6 states. Nevada and Delaware were the first to legalize it in 2013. New Jersey joined the two states and ratified the deal in October 2017 following lengthy discussions and the resolution of technical issues. On May 1, 2018, the three markets began to share liquidity fully.

Although the Nevada/Delaware agreement temporarily increased poker play, it had no impact on Nevada’s long-term traffic figures. On the other hand, Delaware players found it to be of great value. As a substantially smaller market with only roughly a million people, access to out-of-state competition was important to the efficacy of this game in the state.

The House approved a measure to authorize internet gambling in Pennsylvania on October 26, 2017. The legislation was approved by Governor Tom Wolf on October 30, 2017. Back in 2019, West Virginia joined the few states that legalized it but not one online website was launched since. However, that will change soon as the first poker site in the state is set to be released by the end of 2022. 

Michigan also made this game legal in 2019, but unlike West Virginia, the first site offering this game became available to the public on January 29, 2021.

Differences Between Live Poker and Video Poker

The main difference between live and RNG poker is that the first lets you play against a professional dealer. If you join a live dealer room, you can interact with players and the dealer through live chat. In fact, live dealers are as close as you can get to a real brick-and-mortar casino.

Live online casinos offer many features: adjusting the lighting, screen view, sound, and so on. You also get to deposit mid-game thanks to the advanced deposit features implemented in the best online poker sites.

Video poker, on the other hand, are RNG games where you try to win against an algorithm. The Random Number Generator gameplay is equally as good, but it doesn’t offer any interaction.

One of the biggest advantages is that players get to choose from a huge variety of themes, additional features, and bonuses. 

As for varieties, online video poker games offer even more varieties than the live counterparts. This opens up an opportunity for you to learn more new games and thus enrich your strategy and gaming experience overall.

Where Can I Play Online Poker/Live Poker in the USA?


Video Online 

Live Online 

Game Titles




Seven Card Stud

FGive Card Draw

Texas Hold’em




Stud Hi/Lo


Texas Hold’em

New Jersey



Texas Hold’em

Omaha High

Omaha Hi/Lo

Stud Hi/Lo




Seven Card Stud

FGive Card Draw

Texas Hold’em

West Virginia



Texas Hold’em






Texas Hold’em

Omaha High

Omaha Hi/Lo

Best Poker Sites for Beginners & Advanced Players

Newbie-friendly sites offer straightforward navigation, a few solid gaming options, and great bonuses. The bonuses give out big prizes for low minimum deposits. Another great thing about such platforms is that they have many search bar features. Beginners should look for verified, well-established licenses, a variety of games, lucrative bonuses with low wagering requirements, and fast-responding customer support.

Advanced players, as opposed to rookies, know exactly what they are looking for when it comes to looking for a casino. Many of those are high rollers, but this is not the case with everyone. In general, experienced players should look for a great bonus-to-value ratio, games of the highest quality, high security, and effective customer support. 

What to Consider & How to Rate an Online Poker Room For Real Money?

The best online poker sites offer as many features as possible, but the question is how to find the right one for you. There are plenty of things to consider before picking the casino – the most important aspects you should pay attention to include:

  • The reputation of the site – Check the site’s rating on reputable web pages. This will paint a better picture of what experts think of the casino.

  • Security – Ensure the site uses the latest software technology and works under credible agencies. These include SSL, eCOGRA, and others.

  • Bonuses – Check the bonus value and read the bonus terms and conditions. You will immediately know whether or not the bonus is worth it.

  • Trustworthiness – Read users’ comments to see what’s going on behind the curtains.

  • Range of games – Always browse through the game menu. You will know the range and variety of the games and whether the most established providers are present.

  • Availability of tournaments – This section is essential as many tournaments are recurring. You can have fun and get a chance to win some extra cash while competing.

Profitsquad Quick Poker Tips & Tactics

You can implement many strategies when playing this game. It may sound strange, but we advise that you learn some of those strategies. This game is so widespread worldwide that many books address its gameplay and ‘How to Win’ segments.

Find the summarized content of those online poker real money manuals and YouTube videos in our additional highlights:

  • Fast-play the strong hands to build the pot and thus make more money
  • Defend your big blind (with the right hands)
  • Play fewer hands and play them bold
  • Fold when you feel big uncertainty about whether or not the outcome will be in your favor
  • Learn how to bluff. Remember that many players already expect this, so do your best to outsmart them.


Playing for real money could be a thrill for both new and advanced poker players. The variety of such games is always a huge plus. Always thoroughly check the casino or compare your opinions with ours to be sure you are on the right track before playing this game. 

Check the casino’s licenses, security, and variety of games. See if the bonuses you can obtain are valid for poker games and carefully read the T&C. Last but not least, read players’ comments, as it’s always a good idea to get a glimpse of what’s the real thing in the casino you want to register at.


Profitsquad provides the most reputable lists, articles, bonuses, and games in the casino industry. Check our work and pick a casino that will suit your taste and needs.

You must have an online casino account if you want to play any of the variations of this game for real money and have funds on your balance.

Yes, many online casinos offer dedicated apps where you can play this game. If there isn’t an available app, visit the mobile website, as it offers nearly the same quality services.

You won’t experience playing rigged games if you play at reputable sites. Therefore checking the license and background of the casino is important.

You get to play dozens of alternative games depending on the online casino you pick. Do research before registering so you have more options to switch back and forth to.

The probabilities of getting one of the stronger hands vary. For example, there is a 0.02401% probability of getting a four-of-a-kind, 0.1441% for a full house, 0.1965% for a flush, and so on. The royal flush probability stands at 0.000154%.