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Are you in the US and would love to play some poker online? Do you want to find out a platform that welcomes you with a great bonus, gives you the opportunity to participate in tournaments, and have a great poker experience without security worries? This Palapoker review is for you then.

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100% of deposit
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Are you in the US and would love to play some poker online? Do you want to find out a platform that welcomes you with a great bonus, gives you the opportunity to participate in tournaments, and have a great poker experience without security worries? This Palapoker review is for you then.

At Profit Squad, we like to bring you reviews of the best online poker rooms and tell you all about them so you can pick the right option. This time, we have spent time on researching everything about Palapoker so you have a lot of information if you are considering joining this platform.

Palapoker might not be the most famous online website for playing poker, but it definitely knows how to entertain its players. With its current offerings and customer support, we believe it could easily rank much higher among the best players of this industry in a few years. 

The company has a great way to welcome its new players by offering them a bonus without even depositing a single penny. That’s not where the fun ends. You get another huge reward once you make a deposit. Moreover, you keep getting a chance to win thousands of dollars with a free spin every day. 

The company has made a great name among the US players, especially those who are in New Jersey. It has multiple variants of poker available on its platform with several types of tournaments for players to be a part of. 

You can play on your desktop computer or download the app on your smartphone to play wherever you go. The company is fully regulated by the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey. The license number is there on the website for you to see.

PalaPoker Casino Pros & Cons

Before we dive deep into the review, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons in brief:



As we said earlier, the company isn’t the best but it definitely has the ingredients to be the best. If it continues to stick to its strengths and works on its weaknesses, it can beat the best in the coming days.

How Profit Squad Reviews Poker Sites

When you read a review from Profit Squad, you can rest assured that we have thoroughly researched everything for you. We give you the most necessary details and make sure we leave nothing to be discovered so you can make a well-informed decision as soon as possible. 

We are able to do that due to our strict and meticulous way of reviewing online poker rooms. Here are the things we consider while reviewing an online poker site. 

  • How much activity there in its games and tournaments
  • How many games and variants it offers players
  • The number of payment methods
  • Regulation and licensing status
  • Measures taken for the safety of players
  • Number ways to contact the customer support
  • Bonus and promotions offered to new and existing players
  • How good the website navigation is
  • If there’s a mobile application or browser-based platform
  • If the platform is transparent or not

These are the most important aspects we look at before telling you whether or not you should sign up on the site. The purpose of this scrutiny is to ensure we tell you about the best ones only.

PalaPoker Casino Review

Palapoker is a great way for poker players in the US to kill time and win great prizes. The first concern that they can have with any company is its regulatory status. Here, Palapoker has done a great job that it has offered its services only after obtaining proper regulation from NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement.

It also has all the player safety features in place. The money players deposit is kept in segregated accounts at regulated banks. Furthermore, the website has proper SSL certificates and encryption protocols in place to protect players’ information. 

You can play multiple variants of poker when you join this platform. At the moment, Palapoker is more focused on Texas hold’em, which is the most famous of all poker variants in the world, and Omaha. The company will soon start offering you the opportunity to play 7 Stud too.

In terms of tournaments, you have plenty of options. The best thing is that you can join a tournament almost every day of the week. These tournaments include cash games, Sit & Go, and multi-table tournament options. 

You will surely have peace of mind when it comes to banking because the company offers you a lot of options to deposit funds in your account. All of these methods are safe and well-known in the US by people who play poker online quite frequently.  

What the Squad really liked about the platform is that it offers you a mobile, desktop, and browser-based format of its gaming platform. You can pick the one that you think you are most comfortable with.

Impressive Features of Palapoker’s Gaming App

We have to mention here that you can play poker on any type of platform you like once you join Palapoker. The company has not limited you to a certain type of platform, which means you can participate in poker using any device. 

It has a mobile application that you can install on your Android phones, iPhones, and even iPads. Furthermore, you can use the desktop platform that works only on computers. In addition to that, you also have the browser-based version that runs on any device and operating system without any compatibility issues. 

All the features of the desktop or browser-based platform are available on your mobile gaming application as well. Using these applications, you can participate in 2 types of poker games and many tournament types depending on your mood. 

We would really like to mention here that you won’t find the application on the main poker website of the company. Instead, you will have to download the application from there Casino section.

Security and Player Safety

Every online poker room that offers its services to people must ensure them that it will protect their information and money at all costs. Palapoker does it really well and has all the proper security measures in place that can assure players of their security. 

Firstly, you want to avoid a platform that is not regulated because they are not accountable to anyone. With Palapoker, you have proper regulation in place, and its New Jersey operations have been regulated and licensed by the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

The website has proper SSL security layers installed to ensure the safety of your information. In addition to that, you will have to go through the proper verification process before you can sign up with the company and deposit funds in your account. 

For example, even if you pick the option of depositing cash to the cashier at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, you will have to give your accurate personal information from your ID card. The money that you deposit will be moved to regulated banks in segregated accounts. 

Last but not least, you can trust the company because it has chosen only the safest methods for you to put money in your account. Believe it or not, being transparent with information is also an addition to player safety so you don’t end up with unnamed, unmentioned, and invisible charges on your card. 

With Palapoker, we love the fact that the company has given you complete details of the fees and charges associated with playing the game on its platform.

Games Available at PalaPoker Casino

This is one area where Palapoker might not be the best choice for many players. However, don’t let the lack of gaming options push you away from signing up with one of the most reliable platforms on the internet for online poker. 

Our team looked at the games and saw that it only has Texas Hold’em and Omaha available to its players right now. You have the tab for 7-card stud as well, but it clearly states that the game is coming soon. In other words, the game isn’t really available for you to play right now. 

There are no other games available, but you can definitely participate in tournaments to make things more exciting. You can’t ignore the fact that Texas Hold’em is the most famous game for poker players not only on the US but in other countries too. 

You have at least 2 tournaments taking place every single day. Keep in mind that tournaments don’t start until 6pm every day. The player base is not huge on this website, but this yields an amazing advantage for you. 

Since there are not as many players as on other platforms, you can be a part of the tournament even with late registration. What it means is that even if the tournament has started already and you apply for entry at that point, you will still be entertained by Palapoker. 

What you will admire about these tournaments is that there are no fees for you to pay. Despite that, the two tournaments that take place every evening offer you a guaranteed prize of $50.

Banking Options

Banking is an important part of any online poker room. Your poker site should make it easy for you to deposit funds and withdraw them. It should make the process fast and commission-free. More importantly, it should offer you plenty of options to deposit money in your account. 

Here are the options available to you when you sign up with Palapoker. 

  • Borgata Cashier – You personally go to Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa to deposit funds
  • PayNearMe – Sending Cash to your account
  • Pala Prepaid Card – Use Pala prepaid card like a debit card
  • Debit/Credit Card – The card must have either Visa or Mastercard logo on it
  • Paypal – Transfer funds from your Paypal account
  • ACH Bank Transfer – Transfer directly from your bank account

You can see that there are plenty of options for you to fund your account. You will require your personal information before you can fund your account using any of these methods. 

For example, you will have to carry your ID with you when you deposit funds through the Borgata Cashier. They will accept cash from you and the funds will be instantly available to you on your online account.

Deposit Limits

It is unfortunate that there are no deposit limits listed on the website for any of the methods. However, the Squad has reviewed many platforms in the past and with our experience we have learned that the minimum deposit that most poker rooms in the US have is $10. 

Of course, you can always call the company’s customer support to know the exact minimum deposit, but that’s what most other companies have. 

We can also obtain this information from the bonus section on the website. When you read the details of the bonuses, they clearly show you that a minimum of $10 has to be deposited in your account for you to get the bonus. 

You do have to realize that in most cases, you also have maximum limits associated with the deposit methods. These limits can vary for each method. Usually, depositing cash offers you the option to make the biggest transfer. Paypal and credit card options usually limit you between $500 and $1500.

Customer Support

This is one area where we believe no other online poker room comes even close to Palapoker. Palapoker has really hit the nail in the head with its customer support option. Firstly, let’s talk about the FAQs page on the website. 

It has plenty of questions answered very thoroughly. It is also important to mention here that this section of the website continues to improve as a company collects more data and add its to its FAQs. So, you can expect more questions to be added to this section in the future. 

What we really admire about Palapoker is that it has opened multiple channels for you to get in touch with it. Firstly, you have the live chat option, which means you can talk to someone from the company through a live chat window. 

In addition to that, you also have the email option. You can send an email with your concern fully explained and expect to get an answer within 24 hours, which is pretty much the standard time every email is returned by companies. 

The phone lines are also open for you to call and get help with any issues you are facing while playing poker with Palapoker. To make things even better, the company has made its customer support department available to you 24/7.

Bonuses and Promotions

Just like many other poker sites, Palapoker also offers two different types of bonus when you sign up with it. Let’s explore these two bonuses and a third bonus that’s applicable to all existing players.

  • The Signup Bonus of $25

This is the bonus you get when you sign up with the company. What you have to do is to provide your personal information and agree to the terms and conditions from the company. Once you do that, you will get a bonus of $25. 

You guessed it right if you thought you will not have to deposit anything to get this bonus. There are no deposits required for you to qualify for this bonus. 

  • The 100% Deposit Bonus

You get this bonus when you sign up with the company and make your first deposit in the account. The company will match your deposit by 100%. There is always a limit associated with this type of bonus so you will have to know about that first. 

At the time of writing this review, the limit is at $500. What this means is that the company will match your deposit by 100% until a $500 deposit. If you make a deposit bigger than that, you will still get the same $500 bonus. 

The minimum deposit you have to make to qualify for this bonus is $10. You don’t have to enter any codes to get the bonus.

  • The Daily Free Spin

Palapoker wants to keep it exciting for you every day and that’s why it has this amazing daily free spin offer. What this means is that you can spin a slot for free every single day. 

If it’s your lucky day, you could win up to $1,000,000 with this free spin. The odds might be high, but what’s wrong with trying it every day for free? 

You can notice that this online poker room is offering you a lot of free stuff, which points to the fact that it wants to attract new customers as much as possible. If the strategy works, then Palapoker will surely have a huge customer base in the future, which it does not have right now.


Among the best things that Palapoker offers its players, there are some downsides as well. If you have read everything in detail, we believe you must have already spotted them. 

Firstly, the company is not offering its services in any state other than New Jersey. It could easily offer its services in at least 4 other states that have legalized online poker. The second disappointment that we had from Palapoker was its range of games available for players. 

We have noticed that online poker rooms are always competing to offer their players more. That’s why you have some of the companies offering up to 22 different variants of poker to their players in the US and internationally. 

Palapoker has only 2 poker variants available for its players right now. The third one, namely 7-card stud, is still in the pipeline. 

In a similar fashion, you don’t get a lot on the tournament side. It’s great that you can participate in the tournaments every single day without spending a penny, but that’s about it. There isn’t a lot happening in tournaments, probably due to the small customer base of this poker room. 

 While the initial deposit bonus and welcome bonus are great, we cannot ignore the fact that there is not much to explore in the promotions section either. However, we also believe that Palapoker has done a great job here by offering the daily free spin. It really does sound very attractive.

Profit Squad's Rating of PalaPoker Casino

We looked at several factors and have rated them for you so you can decide if Palapoker is the platform you have been looking for.

Customer Support

Deposit options

Player security

Number of games

Number of tournaments

Bonuses and promotions

Website experience

Overall, new players will find this platform to be a great place to start playing poker. They have a great welcome offer as well as a generous signup bonus. The signup bonus does not even require a deposit from them. 

There might not be a lot of games to play, but you have the two best variants available. You can join the tournaments for free and still qualify for guaranteed rewards. You should definitely check out Palapoker.