Best Sports Betting Sites in New York

Here at Profit Squad, we are happy to announce that New York sports betting is here to stay. You may be wondering “is sports betting legal in New York?” It is now. Made legal in April 2021, online sports sites came into fruition in 2022, and it’s fair to say they are here to stay.

Best sports bettting sites in New York

What Profit Squad Reviews

Here at Profit Squad, we take pride in reviewing the best online casinos and sportsbooks. We have thoroughly researched all of the New York casinos with sports betting so that we can uncover the best and the worst sportsbooks out there. 

When we delve into sportsbooks we look at:

Whether they are licensed and regulated

The site’s reputation

The variety of matches that a player can bet on

Whether the site offers bonuses and promotions

If there is a New York sports betting appavailable

The range of banking options

The different types of bets that can be placed

The site’s security and encryption tools

We take all of the above issues into consideration when reviewing an online sportsbook. Only then can we make an informed decision as to whether we think the online sportsbook is any good. 

It’s important to us that you only ever access the best and most trusted online sportsbooks in New York. We want to limit your exposure to illegal and untrustworthy websites that may not be very secure. This is why we do what we do, and we’re proud of it. 

Online Sportsbook bonuses/promotions

Most online casinos bonuses and promotions exist to ensure that players are attracted to the website and stick with it. There are some great New York sportsbook promos and bonuses out there, and some of them include:

Deposit match

A deposit match involves the online sportsbook matching up to 100% of the player’s first deposit. So, for example, should a player deposit $50, they will receive $50 into their account. There tends to be a deposit match limit and this can vary between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on the sportsbook. 

There is a catch when it comes to spending the money that’s been deposited into an account. Players can only spend the money by placing a bet, they are unable to withdraw it. Any money that they win after making a bet using the deposited funds will need to be wagered before it can be withdrawn. Some sportsbooks ask that the funds are wagered at least 5 times, but you’ll need to check the terms and conditions. 

First-bet insurance

This type of deposit works by offering the player a refund if their first bet does not win. The refund is likely to be up to a certain amount. For example, a player’s first bet may be $50, but they may only receive up to $30 if they don’t win. Players will be told how much the first-bet insurance is before they place their bet. 

This type of bonus is only ever offered to new players. However, similar bonuses can crop up from time to time. Players who have been signed up to the sportsbook in question for a while may occasionally be offered bet insurance. Please note that players will be told which games they can use the bet insurance on and the kinds of odds that they can use.

Free bet

Free bets simply involve players being offered a bet for free. They do not need to wager any of their own money. A free bet may allow players to place a bet on a selection of games or races. Players will also need to use specific betting odds too. So, they may not be able to place a bet on a race that’s 10-1, instead, the bet may need to have odds of 6/1, for example. 

Any money that a player wins by placing a free bet may have to be wagered before it can be withdrawn. 

Both new and current players are offered this type of bet from time to time. Free bets such as these are generally offered on specific games. Players are usually informed about upcoming free bets a few days in advance.

Free money

Some of the best sports betting sites New York has offer players the chance to enjoy spending some free money. This bonus is very similar to the free bet bonus. Sportsbooks that offer this type of bonus limit the free money to no more than around $50. However, free money is still free money and there’s always a chance that a free bet could result in a win. Please note, players may need to wager any winnings before they can withdraw the funds. 

No-deposit bonus

When this type of bonus is offered, players do not need to deposit money into their accounts to receive cash. All that is required is that a player opens an account. The bonus will be deposited into the new player’s account within 7 days, and they may receive up to $100. The money will need to be spent on specific matches or races and betting odds will have to be adhered to. 

All of the information can be found in the bonuses terms and conditions, so players should check them out first. 

Parlay bet bonuses

If a player feels brave enough to place a parlay bet, they may be offered a bonus. Players who win all but one of their parlay bets could find that the bet pays out. There will be specific odds that players need to place to be in with a chance of winning the bet bonus. There may also be a few specific games that they need to place a bet on as well. However, all of the information will be available online and in the bonus/promotion section. 


Some of the best online sportsbooks offer players the chance to compete in monthly or weekly competitions. These competitions can often involve players being required to place a number of bets using specific odds. When they do, they may be entered into a competition to win a cash prize or free bets. Online sports betting New York is made even more exciting thanks to competitions such as this.

New York's Sports Betting Markets

New York sportsbooks proudly offer players the chance to bet on a wide range of betting markets. These include horse racing, the National Football League, Multi-league baseball, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League. In addition to this, players can typically bet on soccer, tennis, golf, athletics, motor racing, UFC, cricket, and virtual sports. 

Most online sportsbooks offer players the opportunity to bet on a wide range of different sports. In some cases, players may even be able to bet on sports they may have never heard of such as hooverball. However, every sport is taken very seriously and players can potentially win some money while having fun. 

Horse race betting

Online horse betting

NY online horse betting tends to be the most popular sport to bet on and multiple races are shown daily. Players can typically bet on races that take place all around the world such as the Grand National. The sheer number of races that players can bet on each day can be quite astounding. Players can bet on as many races as they wish, enjoying the varying odds and potential wins. This allows them to enjoy doing more of what they love from the comfort of their computer or tablet.

How to bet online

Those who have never placed a bet online may wonder how to go about it. The good news is that betting via an online sportsbook is relatively easy. Players can open up an account online or via an app. Many online sportsbooks offer players the opportunity to download either an iOS or Android app.

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Signing up for an account

Legal sports betting in New York tends not to be complicated at all. Players simply need to find a sportsbook that they like the look of and sign up to it. Once they have signed up to the sportsbook, players can choose to deposit cash.

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Depositing money

Every online sportsbook has a minimum deposit amount, and it’s usually either $10 or $20. As soon as money has been deposited, the player can choose which sport or sports they want to place a bet on. This is where things can seem a little complicated. However, knowing how to bet on sports in New York is easier than you think.

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Placing a bet

Simply find a sport that you want to bet on, and click on the link. You’ll be taken to a page that lists many different games or races. As soon as you have found a game or race that you want to bet on, click on it and take a look at the odds. Most online sportsbooks update their odds fairly often, so it may be worth keeping an eye on them.

As soon as you have placed a bet, you will receive a notification confirming your bet. Now, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for the game to begin. If you’re lucky enough to win your bet, the money should be deposited into your account within 48 hours. Check the deposit timeline with the sportsbook you’re betting with as they can differ between sportsbooks.

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Withdrawing funds

When it comes to withdrawing funds, players will need to have at least the minimum amount in their accounts. Most online sportsbooks tend to have minimum withdrawal amounts of around $20. However, some of the bigger brands may have $50 as their minimum amount. In any case, players can only withdraw money once they have at least the minimum amount. Withdrawing cash can take time. It would be nice if players could withdraw cash as quickly as they can deposit it, but this is never the case.

Players may have to wait up to 9 working days to receive their winnings, depending on which withdrawal method they use. However, most players need to wait no longer than 5 working days. If you happen to be a VIP player, you may receive your funds even sooner. Please make sure that you know how long you have to wait to receive your money. Details are usually found in the sportsbooks terms and conditions section.

New York teams to bet on online

Does New York have sports betting? It certainly does? Can you bet on New York teams? You certainly can. 

Some of the teams that you can bet on include:


The New York Yankees
The Brooklyn Giants


The New York Giants
The New York Jets
The Buffalo Bills

Ice hockey

The New York Rangers
The New York Islanders
The New Jersey Devils
The Buffalo Sabers


The New York Knicks
The New York Liberty
The Brooklyn Nets


The New York Red Bulls
The New York/New Jersey Gotham FC
New York City

The best online and mobile sports betting New York has offers a wide range of betting options particularly as far as New York teams are concerned. This allows players to bet on their favorite teams whenever they wish. It’s always good to support local teams, and now online sportsbooks make supporting them possible. 

Betting on college sports

The issue of betting on college sports is something of a contentious one. New York State has some restrictions on college sports. Players are unable to bet on in-state college teams. This means that if you want to bet on a game and a college team is competing, you won’t be able to bet on it. Rules such as this exist so that amateur athletes are protected from betting pressures.

The story of New York’s sports betting history

New York’s sports betting history is certainly an interesting one. It certainly has not been easy reaching the point where we are now. There has been a lot of talk over the years about bringing online sportsbooks to New York. After a real fight, online sportsbooks are here. Below, you can discover just what it took to get sportsbooks to New York. 

November 2013

A resolution that called for the expansion of gaming was approved. Four commercial casinos were built and a provision was added to law that authorized the casino to accept sports wagers. Unfortunately, this provision was not sufficient enough to allow online sports betting. 

May 2018

Bureaucrats in New York overturned the previous ruling and started working on a framework that would allow for sports betting. 

January 2019

The New York Gaming Commission released a set of rules surrounding sports betting under the 2013 gaming expansion law. 

June 2019

Online sports betting failed to gain as much support from a former governor as State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. had hoped. 

July 2019

Land-based casinos in New York accepted the very first wagers on the 16th of this month. 

January 2020

The General Assembly introduced new legislation that hoped to authorize online sports betting. A task force is created to file a report on the potential monetary impacts of online gambling in New York

November 2020

Senator Addabbo concludes that New York State is missing out on as much as $1 billion a year. Other lawmakers were pushed on Bill 17D, which could legalize online sports betting in the state. 

December 2020

Gary Pretlow, a State Assemblyman, doubled his support for online sports betting. His aim was to review the topic by no later than 2021. It was thought that the revenue created by online sports betting in New York would help to reduce the shortages that were caused by the pandemic. State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. added that he would like such betting to appear sooner. 

January 2021

The New York Governor added his support for New York’s online sports betting, despite it being criticized in Washington D.C.

February 2021

Sports betting in New York was off to a good start in 2021. It was estimated that sportsbooks created a revenue of $3.57 million in January 2021.  

April 2021

A $212 billion state budget was agreed, and it included an online betting plan that was similar to a vision that had been created by a former governor during the negotiations. It was thought that the start of the 2022 Super Bowl would be a great day to launch online sportsbooks. However, many online sportsbooks opened before this date. 

November 2021 

The State decided which online sportsbooks would become available as soon as online gambling became legal. It was also agreed that the licenses would run for 10 years and the tax rate would be as much as 51%.

December 2021

Sen. Joseph Addabbo estimated that online sports betting would go live in New York in January 2022. 

January 2022

New York announced that online sports betting would be launched on January 8th with 4 sportsbooks becoming available on that day. Later that month, 2 more online sportsbooks appeared. Betting on sports online bought the state more than $63,200,000 in this month alone. 

February 2022

A 7th online sportsbook was launched and plans to launch an 8th sportsbook in April 2022 were announced. 

March 2022

Another online sportsbook opened this month. In addition to this Assemblyman Gary Pretlow introduced a bill that allowed the state to have up to 14 online sportsbooks by 2023. The bill also permits up to no less than 16 sports betting sites in New York to be up and running by 2024. It was hoped that the additional sportsbooks would help to lower the 51% tax rate. 

New York sports betting revenue continues to be high, ensuring that the online sportsbook market has a promising future. 


Yes. Thanks to the relatively new New York sports betting laws, online sports betting is now legal in the state. 

If you’re wondering “where can I bet on sports in New York?” you can only legally bet on sportsbooks that are located in New York. Offshore sportsbooks are not legal as they are unlikely to be licensed and regulated. 

No. You can place online bets in many other parts of the United States. However, if you want to bet online in New York, you have to be located in New York. This is due to the use of geolocation technology that prohibits people outside of New York from betting on New York sportsbooks.

Yes, you can bet on New York Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, and Ice Hockey teams. 

No. Players are unable to bet on in-state college teams. This means that if you want to bet on a game and a college team is competing, you won’t be able to bet on it.

Search for an online sportsbook that you like the look of. Sign up for an account and deposit some cash. Look for a bet or two that you want to place and check to see if the odds are agreeable. Place a bet and sit back and enjoy the game. 

Yes. Many online sportsbooks allow players to download an iOS or Android app. 

This all depends on what you want from an online sportsbook. The best online sportsbook for you may show many horse races every day. The best sportsbook for someone else may offer good odds. The best sports betting app New York has could be very easy to use. It’s all subjective.