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$20 and 100% welcome bonus up to $1500

Thinking about playing poker and want the make sure you sign up with a reliable, established, well-trusted, and player-focused platform? You have come to the right place because this 888poker review from the Profit Squad is going to reveal every possible detail about 888poker to you. 

888poker is one of the most established and well-reputed online poker rooms and it has been around for two decades now. It offers some great banking options, amazing bonuses upon signup, and an intuitive app for its players to play on the device of their choice.

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888 Poker Casino

100% welcome bonus up to $1500

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100% welcome bonus up to $1500

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Jun 2023

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Thinking about playing poker and want the make sure you sign up with a reliable, established, well-trusted, and player-focused platform? You have come to the right place because this 888poker review from the Profit Squad is going to reveal every possible detail about 888poker to you. 

888poker is one of the most established and well-reputed online poker rooms and it has been around for two decades now. It offers some great banking options, amazing bonuses upon signup, and an intuitive app for its players to play on the device of their choice. 

It’s an EGR award winner platform with millions of players as its members from all over the world. The company pays attention to its legal formalities and responsibilities and is thus a properly regulated and licensed entity for those interested in playing poker online.

The main company has been around for many years, but its counterpart isn’t that old. However, the company follows all the US standards of offering online poker, requiring each player to be 21 years old and verifying other identification details for signups.

Party Poker Casino Pros & Cons

Before we get into further details of this online poker room, here are some pros and cons you should know about it:



There are lots of great things that this poker room is doing for its players. The overall experience of playing with 888poker is quite exciting and friendly.

How Profit Squad Reviews Poker Sites

To bring you only the best poker sites in the world, we follow a very strict method of vetting. We make sure you get to sign up with poker rooms that offer you great games, plenty of tournament options, easy banking, and convenient deposits and withdrawals.

Here are some of the factors that we consider before we think an online poker website is good enough for our readers.

  • The website should be easily understandable and also convenient to navigate
  • There should be a mobile app with plenty of features
  • The players should be able to enjoy great signup and welcome bonuses
  • Plenty of poker variants should be available to players
  • The website should be well-established with at least 100,000 members
  • The poker room should have proper regulation and licensing in place
  • The deposits and withdrawals should be convenient for players
  • There should be multiple ways to contact the company 
  • It must not compromise on player security 
  • Fair gaming policy should be strict and properly implemented

These are the things we look at. We think only a website that meets at least 70% of these requirements should be recommended to you for signup. 888poker seems to meet most of these requirements and offer some more to its players.

888Poker Casino Review

There should be no doubt in your mind that 888poker is one of the most reliable and well-reputed online poker rooms. The Squad would like to specifically mention that fact that this poker room’s services are not limited to New Jersey. It is an international brand. 

It already has more than 10 million members out of which hundreds of thousands of players use the platform on a daily basis. Due to its great services, the company has also won several awards, among which the EGR award is the most mentionable. 

You will be surprised to know that 888poker room has won this award three times. What’s even more impressive is that it has been able to walk home with this award three years in a row. This shows the true commitment of the company to the game it offers. 

You have 6 different variants of poker that you can play when you sign up with 888poker. These are the most well-known poker games that people like to play all around the world and include names, such as, BLAST Poker, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi, and others. 

There are seven different types of tournaments that you can be a part of when you join this platform. You can pick the type of tournament that you think suits you. Some of the options include progressive knockout tournaments, Sit & Go tournaments, Multi-table tournaments, free tournaments, satellite tournaments and many more. 

The best thing is that many of these tournaments have the re-buy option, which means you can enter the tournament after being excluded or eliminated as a result of a lost game. 

The poker room has taken care of just about everything that can worry a player before they join the platform. So, when it comes to payment options, you will not be disappointed. As a player in the US, you can pay through Paypal, bank transfer, credit card (Visa and MasterCard), Neteller, and more.

The Best 888poker App Features

First of all, you should be glad to know that there is a mobile application available. You will have to download the application to install and use it on your device. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone does not matter because both versions are available. 

Of course, if you don’t like playing on your smartphone, you don’t have to. The company has its PC-friendly software as well that you can use on your desktop computer. The good news is that you will find all the games on the mobile app that are available on the computer software. 

The snap poker is a great addition by the company for its mobile users. This helps them get into more games in less time because they don’t have to wait too long when the hands are being played. 

Another thing that you have to admire about this application is that it gives you access to many other games as well. If you have any interest in the casino side of things, you will be able to explore that side on this application too.

It is important to mention here that you can download the app on your iPads as well. Last but not least, the web app is also available, which means you can play on any device of your choice without needing any downloads.

Security and Player Safety

At the Squad, we believe that a poker room that does not offer players peace of mind in terms of security should not even be reviewed in the first place. We only review the companies that we know care about their players’ security. 

The first thing that contributes to earning 888poker the name of a secure platform is its regulation. The company is running its operations only after properly being licensed and regulated by New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

All the games that you play on the website are properly regulated to make sure that everyone is playing according to the fair gaming policy. You should also note that this is a multiple times award-winning platform that has been around for 20 years. These facts are enough to win anyone’s trust. 

It has more than 10 million members on its platform from all over the world. The US extension of 888poker is also growing at a very rapid pace. If you are in the US, you can join the platform only when you are 21 years of age or above.

The company also adheres to know KYC policies to make sure players are able to join only when they share their accurate personal information. The deposits are kept in segregated funds and all the information from the players is encrypted for safety. 

The platform is also quite detailed, giving players a quick and deep look into their account details. When you sign in and land on the dashboard, you can view all your past deposit and withdrawal transactions. This way, you are always updated with your account information. 

Last but not least, you can’t ignore the fact that the company has chosen only the most reliable and well-trusted options for you to put money in your online account. You can deposit funds through your credit cards that have Visa and Mastercard logo on them. 

The privacy policy and terms and conditions have been clearly defined on the website. This means, you know what you are signing up with and what your rights are when you join 888poker.

Games Available at 888Poker Casino

There are many different types of games available on the website. Keep in mind that at the moment we are only discussing the poker section of the website. You do have other casino games available from 888poker too, but we are not reviewing that division right now. 

  • Types of Poker Games

If you look at the number of games, there are 6 variants that you can play when you join 888poker as a player. These are different games with slightly different rules. In addition to that, you have different prize monies associated with them. 

Some games offer you a lot of money while others offer you less money but a higher chance of winning. Texas Hold’em is the most famous of the six types of poker games offered by this company. Other games that you can play include Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo, and BLAST poker. 

What we really like about 888poker is that it has explained all of these games pretty well on the website to guide new players in the right direction. 

  • Types of Tournaments

You can join many tournaments when you sign up with 888poker. The tournaments have been divided in several categories based on the method of participation, the amount of money you can win, and the way you can be eliminated from the game. 

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that many of these tournaments have the re-buy option. What it means is that if you have lost a game and have been eliminated from the tournament, you can rejoin it by buying another ticket. 

Certain tournaments are designed in a way that you can’t buy another ticket and rejoin. You have the progressive knockout type tournaments in which players continue to get eliminated to leave only the last player standing. 

You also have satellite tournaments, turbo tournaments, and many others. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you will have to go with the MTT tournament where nearly 15% of the participants end up winning something. 

You also have the heads-up tournaments where you will be playing against a single opponent. Sit & Go are among the most common types of tournaments played on the website.

Banking Options

You have plenty of ways you can deposit funds in your account when you sign up with 888poker. The company is being quite generous by not taking any commissions from you on most of the transfers you make regardless of the mode of payment you choose. 

Before you choose a method to deposit money in your account, it is important to know that certain methods allow you to deposit but not withdraw your money. Let’s take a look at all the available payment options for the US players. 

  • Prepaid cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Cash at the cage
  • E-wallet
  • Online bank transfer

You can deposit with a credit card, but you can’t receive a withdrawal on it. The same rule applies to online banking transfers and prepaid cards.

Deposit Limits

The Squad would like to specifically mention here that the maximum deposit limits are different for each transfer option. If you use cash at the cage option, you can deposit up to $100,000 at a time. On the other hand, $600 is the maximum you can transfer from your credit card. 

There is also a minimum amount that you can transfer with each payment method. Here are some details. 

  • Bank Transfer (ACH) – $10
  • PayNearMe – $10
  • Play+ – $10
  • Credit/Debit cards – $10
  • Online Banking Transfer – $10
  • PayPal – $10

Here are the maximum limits on each method of transfer. 

  • Cash at the Cage – You can’t transfer more than $100,000 at a time. 
  • Paypal – You can transfer only $1500 at a time.
  • Online Bank Transfer – The maximum deposit limit is $1500.
  • Debit/credit cards – The maximum deposit limit is $600.
  • Bank Transfer – You cannot transfer more than $5000.

For most of the methods you choose, 888poker will not charge you a commission on your transfer. It’s best to get more information from the website to know any changes and updates in this policy.

Customer Support

At Profit Squad, there is nothing we value more than customer support when it comes to evaluating the level of services of a company. If the customer support isn’t great, we are not too impressed with other things because of many obvious reasons. 

There are some great things about 888poker’s customer support and then there are a few things that are not that impressive. The most impressive part about its customer support is that it is available to you at all times. Yes, you can contact the CS department 24/7.

The things that gets us a bit concerned is that the only channel for you to get in touch is the phone line. You do have a contact us form on the website but no proper email. So, even if you are in a hurry and want to leave a message on email, you will have to be on a call, wait in the queue, and talk to someone about your issue.

The company has, however, done something to redeem in this department and that’s the FAQs section on the website. This FAQs section is not just detailed and comprehensive, but really helpful as most of the questions have been answered very clearly and concisely.

Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses and promotions from 888poker are great. The company seems quite generous in this department. It offers you a signup bonus as well as a welcome bonus, even though most companies would suffice with just one. 

So, you get a bonus of $20 as soon as you sign up. No, you won’t have to deposit anything to get this bonus. Moreover, you will get a 100% deposit bonus for making your first deposit. This means you will get another 100% of whatever you deposit in your account up to $1500. 

So, to make it easy for you to understand, if you deposit $1000 in your account as your first deposit, you will have $2000 in the account for playing the games of your choice. However, if you deposit more than $1500 in your account, you will still get $1500 as a bonus in your account. 

There are some other great promotions as well. For example, there is a promotion that gives you a chance to get up to $1500 in your account for making a deposit on any given day. This means the 100% deposit bonus is not limited to new players who are joining the platform for the first time. 

You can get free tickets to tournaments, perks for starting a game with your friends, and freerolls when you are a player on 888poker. This is what makes this site very unique in offering online poker.



We wouldn’t necessarily call them disadvantages that cost you money but shortcomings that we think the platform can improve upon in the coming times. 888poker has its high moments, but there are certain things it can definitely improve over the course of time. 

Firstly, it should offer its services in more states because they now have online poker legalized. Currently it is limited to the players in New Jersey. When it comes to customer support, the email option should be there because some players might not have time to be stuck on the phone for several minutes. 

888poker should also consider offering more variants of the game. There are other online poker rooms that are offering up to 20 or even more variants. At the moment, this website is limited to only 6 games. Even in the case of tournaments, the company can do better since its competitors are running several tournaments all within a day. 

The two promotions for new players are awesome, but there should be more promotions, especially for those who have been with the company for several years.

Profit Squad's Rating of Party Poker

After reviewing the platform in detail, here is how we have objectively rated the many aspects of 888poker’s online poker room.

Mobile app


Customer support

Deposits and withdrawals

Number of games


Player safety


The things that we have rated are also the aspects that you should be most careful about before you choose an online poker room. You can’t sign up by looking at only the welcome bonus. The bonus is only for once. If you wish to continue playing for years, you have to look at other things as well. 

In the end, the Squad would like to say that 888poker is a great online poker room when all things are considered. It is safe for its players, offers them exciting games and tournaments, gives them huge bonuses at the time of signup, and keeps things fair. The fact that it is a regulated company with more than 10 million users just adds to the list of great things about 888poker.