Best PGA Betting Sites Online 2022

Are you looking for the best gold betting site? Do you like betting on gold but are not sure the right sportsbook that could offer you the best odds, futures, and props? If you are looking for anything related PGA betting, you have come to the right place.

Profit Squad likes to review online sportsbook based on how good they are for their players. We review them in detail and give you proper details on the metrics we chose to rate them. Continue reading to know more about them and decide which one is best for you.

Top PGA Sportsbooks Online


FanDuel Sportsbook

  • bullet-iconUser-friendly interface
  • bullet-iconSeamless transition from DFS to sportsbook with one wallet
  • bullet-iconPromos and free plays for existing members


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FanDuel Sportsbook is a very good online sportsbook that seems to have a lot to offer every player. Players have a good range of sports to bet on, and some competitive odds to enjoy using. This is a sportsbook that seems to do what it can to beat the competition. It has a great level of security and some good deposit and cash out options.



$1,000 Risk-Free Bet Bonus Offer
  • bullet-iconEasy to use website and app
  • bullet-iconEvery game can be live streamed for free
  • bullet-iconWide variety of sports to bet on


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The BetMGM Sportsbook is potentially one of the best sportsbooks around. With a wide variety of sports to choose from and a good New Customer Offer, players are certainly in for a good time. Offering parlays and great odds compared to many other sportsbooks, BetMGM Sportsbook is well worth spending time on.


DraftKings Sportsbook

$50 Free Bet
  • bullet-iconGood range of betting markets
  • bullet-iconExcellent customer support
  • bullet-iconLow minimum deposit


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This DraftKings Sportsbook review has been an interesting one to research. This online sportsbook has a lot to offer every player. From a good range of betting markets to some good bonuses and promotions, here is an online sportsbook that seems to offer it all. Players should seriously consider spending time on this exciting sportsbook.


Betway Sportsbook

  • bullet-iconInternational brand
  • bullet-iconExtensive sports
  • bullet-iconCompetitive odds


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Betway Sportsbook is a good online sportsbook as it has quite a lot to offer every player. This is an online sportsbook that has helped to make online gambling even more pleasurable. With some good betting odds and cashing out options, this is a sportsbook that means business. Players can expect to place a bet on many different betting markets, should they wish to. While there could be more bonuses and promotions, here is an online sportsbook that is set to impress.


Unibet NJ Sportsbook

Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet
  • bullet-iconExperienced and trustworthy brand
  • bullet-iconExtensive betting options


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New Jersey's Unibet sportsbook is a very good sportsbook that is well worth spending time on. With a good range of betting markets and some good odds, this is a sportsbook that could be going places. Online from 2019, there is still time for the site to improve slightly.

Top 5 PGA Betting Sites Online

In addition to providing you with the list of the sites with the best PGA betting odds, we would also help you know how you can search for the best one yourself. Let’s get into the review.



When you look at the bets that FoxBet offers compared to its competitors, you will notice that there isn’t much difference. What you can decide on the basis of though is how many events you can bet on. In terms of the number of events whose futures are available to you, we believe that FoxBet is doing a great job. It covers all the events and has some great odds. The next thing you can look at is the promotions you are being offered. FoxBet won’t let you down in this department with its “return” promotion for up to a first bet of $50.



  • Offers futures bets on all events
  • Great website UI
  • Nice welcome bonus
  • Great parlay offers


  • Offers nothing special in terms of odds
  • No promotion for PGA


FoxBet surely gives you a great UI on which you can easily select the specific event or tournament that you like and then place your bet on the futures. You will find them all on this website. It does offer live golf betting as well.



BetRivers will always be there among the best when it comes to betting on sports. It has great features, good promotions, and it leaves nothing behind. You can bet on live golf events and its website UI is quite friendly, letting you open the odds and futures of each tournament and event type with a click. The sportsbook will match your first losing bet of up to $500 with a 100% match. As far as the odds are concerned, the futures odds were pretty similar with other websites.



  • Very clean and easy to use website UI
  • Offers live golf betting as well great futures bets
  • Covers all major golfing events
  • Competitive odds with other sportsbooks


  • No promotion targeting golf lovers
  • Nothing special with deposit bonus


BetRivers remains a strong competitor overall and covers all major golfing tournaments. It would be great if it could offer promotions for golfing events.



It’s yet another sportsbook that offers you futures on all the major golfing events so you won’t miss anything. Of course, if you want to bet on golf live, you can do that too. The odds are pretty similar to other competitors when you specifically look at the futures bets. We found that the players on BetMGM and FoxBet have similar choices as they usually bet on the same players to win the tournaments. Other sportsbooks put the same players down on the list but the list of futures looks similar on BetMGM and FoxBet.



  • Good odds and plenty of futures on various golfing events
  • Allows live golf betting
  • Nice $1000 risk-free bet promotion
  • Great rewards program


  • Doesn’t promote its mobile app much
  • Navigation on the website isn’t best
  • No golf-specific promotion


BetMGM usually comes up with something different that makes it stand out no matter which sport you are betting on. However, it seems that the sportsbook couldn’t think of anything out of the box when it comes to PGA betting.



DraftKings goes the extra mile to offer you something that most other sportsbooks don’t. It has great futures on all the major events. However, in addition to that, it also offers you the chance to bet on other props. It would pit different players against each other and make the bets more exciting, which is something we didn’t notice on other sportsbooks. You can bet on live golf games too and the futures are pretty good. It’s a pity that there are no promotions on the website specifically for golf.



  • Generous sign up bonus of 20% match
  • Great parlay boosts available
  • Offers great futures and other props
  • In-game betting available



  • No promotions available for golf fans
  • No odds boost specifically for golf


It might not have a lot to offer on golf games, but DraftKings does have some great props and futures bets available that we did not find on other sportsbooks.



You can play futures on a variety of major golfing events. Live PGA betting odds are available when the events are in progress. The website UI is very clean, allowing you to see the futures of one event at a time. The signup bonus from BetUS is one of the best, giving you 100% match for your first deposit. It is offering you a 125% match but the 25% match is only for casino based plays. You can also get a match of 150% if you deposit using cryptocurrencies. The 300% refer a friend promotion is probably the most generous out there.



  • Amazing promotions for crypto deposits
  • Plenty of choices for deposit bonuses
  • Clean UI to see odds details clearly
  • Overall great futures offered on all major golfing events


  • No props offered on golf games or players
  • No promotions for golf fans
  • Too focused on crypto deposits


BetUS is a clean website that and offers you futures on all the major golfing events. It doesn’t have anything special to offer though.

How We Reviewed the 5 Best PGA Betting Sites in the US

For the Squad, the main objective is to help you pick the best website for your PGA betting odds. In addition to that, we want to make sure that your entire betting experience is great.

To do that, we look into a variety of factors and base our reviews on those metrics. In the next section, we will help you choose the best sites for golf betting online, but we will also compare the features of the 5 websites we have reviewed so you can see a practical example of what you need to consider and evaluate.

Here is what we think a website much offer to be considered any good for betting on golf:


  • Must be regulated and licensed to ensure that players can play with peace of mind knowing their money is not going to an illegal entity
  • Should offer promotions to new players and also make sure that there are some promotions for the fans of a specific sport
  • Must let players get in touch to get help with account, games, and betting related questions or provide them with enough material to get the answers
  • The odds and spreads should be great and if there are no live or upcoming events in the near future, must offer great futures on the events taking place later in the year or next year
  • Should make it easy for its players to deposit money in their account and also ensure that the withdrawal process is just as easy


We review these websites and narrow down to only 5. All other websites are eliminated from our list of the best PGA betting sites when they don’t meet one, two, or more of these requirements.

Guide to Choosing the Best PGA Betting Sites in the US

Take a look at how we came down to only 5 golf betting sites out of dozens that we started our research with. These factors will help you pick the best sportsbook in the US yourself too.

● Regulation and Licensing


You can only bet with confidence when you first know that you are on a safe platform. If the regulation or licensing of the site is shady or unclear, you can’t have peace of mind.

Not to mention, if a company wants people to bet on sports and spend their hard-earned cash, it should be ready to spend some of its own to get regulated and licensed too. If it can’t do that, it simply means that it is not serious with its business. Here is the status of regulation of the 5 websites we have reviewed.


  • FoxBet – There should be no doubt in your mind that FoxBet is one of the most reliable online sportsbooks for PGA betting. It is regulated in multiple US states to provide you with legal betting services.
  • BetRivers – BetRivers has also obtained its license and regulation to operate its online sportsbook in the US from the states where it is operational.
  • BetMGM – BetMGM remains one of the responsible online golf betting sites that have obtained regulation in multiple states from the regulating and licensing authorities in those states. You can bet on this website with complete peace of mind.
  • DraftKings – The legality of DraftKings can never come under any question because this site has gone through the pain of obtaining proper regulation and licensing in multiple states of the US. So, you can choose this sportsbook without any doubts.
  • BetUS – It’s a legal online sportsbook with Curacao Gambling License that allows is to legally provide online sports betting services in states where sports betting is legal.


We are sure that your trust in us is becoming stronger as you continue to read all of this. We cannot afford to suggest a website that is not regulated or licensed to operate legally.

● Bonuses and Promotions


The online websites providing you with live golf betting and live golf odds could get boring if they offered you nothing special upon signup. New players are always in two minds before they bet for the first time.

A welcome bonus can change the mind of a new player, especially when their first bet is covered. Many of these websites offer you a bonus when your first bet ends up in a loss. Let’s see what other promotions are available on these sports betting sites.


  • FoxBet – The signup bonus is not too generous, but good enough to make a new player interested. If your first bet ends up in a loss, you will get a 100% match, but only up to $50. FoxBet encourages you to play parlays and offers you cash bonuses when you do so.
  • BetRivers – The first insured bet is more attractive on BetRivers as the sportsbook will match it 100% up to a bet of $500. It was quite disappointing to see that the website did not have any promotion for PGA even though it has promotions specific to many other sports.
  • BetMGM – Another sportsbook that offers you your first bet risk-free. It will cover your bet of up to $1000. The other good promotion is for referring a friend, in which you both get $50.
  • DraftKings – The signup promotion from DraftKings is a bit of a letdown in which it matches your first deposit by only 20% up to a bet of $1000. The good news is that you get this bonus for depositing, not for losing your first bet.
  • BetUS – You have plenty of promotions to choose from, which can be a bit confusing. You can either get your first deposit matched by 100% or by 150% if you deposit using cryptocurrencies. It gives you a bonus of 300% if you refer a friend. That’s something out of the ordinary.


In terms of the first deposit bonus, we don’t think that any of the websites is offering anything special because no PGA-specific promotion is there on any of the websites. However, we do believe that a promotion that you get directly on your deposit is better than the one you get on losing a bet.

● Customer Support


You have to make sure that the sportsbook you choose has good customer support as well. You can’t expect to never run into problems when you are wagering online. When you do, there has to be someone to answer your questions.

That’s why we prefer that these websites have a phone number to call. However, it is unfortunate that so many of these websites rely only on live chat of FAQs to help their players. Let’s see how they rank up in terms of their customer support.


  • FoxBet – FoxBet tries to answer your questions in the “help” section. It also lets you send emails through the web form. The only other way to contact is through the live chat.
  • BetRivers – Looking at the main customer support option, you might feel that you can only contact BetRivers through live chat, but that’s not true. It does have a phone number you can call. You can also send emails. This makes BetRivers better than many other sportsbooks.
  • BetMGM – The customer support from BetMGM is there for you 24/7. You can use help from the FAQs section or send an email too. The live chat option is also available for you to contact. Unfortunately, there is no phone number for you to call.
  • DraftKings – This sportsbook also provides you with a detailed FAQs section and a live chat support option to contact. You do have the customer support department available 24/7.
  • BetUS – BetUS, for the Squad, is up there with BetRivers in terms of customer support. You can send an email if you want or start a live chat session. Most importantly, you have multiple phone numbers you can call based on the type of inquiry you have.


Profit Squad, despite the trend of FAQs and help centers, believes that every site should have a customer support number for customers to call. With that in mind, we believe BetUS and BetRivers are the best in terms of their customer support option.

● Odds and Spreads


That’s the primary reason you are probably looking for a website. We have already looked at dozens of options and believe that they are the best sites for golf betting online. However, let’s still look at their odds and what they have to offer.


  • FoxBet – FoxBet has overall great odds available on just about all the sports. The futures bets on golf events that are coming in the future are pretty similar to what you find on other sportsbooks.
  • BetRivers – There is not much of a different in terms of the odds of the coming events when you look at BetRivers or any other sportsbook. Most of the odds are similar and there are no additional props available from BetRivers to set it apart.
  • BetMGM – While it is mostly pretty good in terms of its odds, the futures on golfing events are no different from other websites. The only difference we noticed was that the sportsbook or the bettors on the website favor certain players and bet on them to top the charts.
  • DraftKings – This is the only website where you will find something more than the futures on PGA. In addition to the futures, it also offers you plenty of other props that make betting even more exciting.
  • BetUS – BetUS has some good odds as well. Again, you will notice on this website that certain players are favorites here for the win whereas the same players are 3 or 4 numbers down on the list on other sportsbooks.


The overall futures on all the websites are great. The best thing is that they all cover all the major golfing events, so you will not miss anything. However, DraftKings has some more props to offer than all the other websites, so we think it is the winner here.

● Deposits and Withdrawals


Before you pick a golf betting site for your PGA betting needs, it would be great for you to look at the deposit methods available. Also, you want to make sure that you can withdraw funds using methods that you are most comfortable with. Let’s take a look at the deposits and withdrawal features of these websites.


  • FoxBet – You can transfer using your bank account or send money through e-check. The PayNearMe option is also available as well as Play+ and Skrill. PayPal is a good addition, but the best is that you can transfer using Mastercard and Visa credit cards. You can’t withdraw using them though. You can set deposit limits to keep yourself from becoming addicted.
  • BetRivers – BetRivers really needs to up its game in terms of deposits. It allows you to send money through online banking or using Play+ card. You can’t use your credit or debit cards or any other methods for depositing funds.
  • BetMGM – Imagine any method and it might be there on the list of deposit methods available with BetMGM. You can deposit cash, send online transfer, use wire transfer, or fund your account using American Express, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard credit card. You can also use Play+, PayPal, and Apple Pay for deposits. The company has a 24/7 deposit assistance department. Withdrawal times can range from 6 hours to 20 business days.
  • DraftKings – You can say it makes available to you all the methods that are available with BetMGM. It does not allow you to deposit using American Express cards though. You can use the same methods for withdrawing your money. While a wire withdrawal could take 24 to 48 hours, other methods can take up to 4 working days to get your money. That’s pretty slow if we have to be honest.
  • BetUS – This sportsbook is pretty different in that it is the only one on our list that has the cryptocurrency deposit option available. You can transfer using a credit card or through bank wire though. If you want to use a crypto coin to deposit, you have these options available: Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin. BetUS doesn’t charge fees on your withdrawals or deposits.


While BetUS has fewer ways for you to fund your account, we would like to rank it as the best since it lets you use 4 different cryptocurrencies to fund your account. That’s something no other sportsbook on our list is doing.

Final Verdict

After looking at all the websites, we have come to the conclusion that DraftKings is the best in terms of its odds, futures bets, and props. The props it has are not available on any other sportsbook for betting on golf. It also offers live golf betting and live golf odds. The only area where we think it should make some improvement is the customer support. Also, adding the option of depositing through cryptos would also be great.


It is usually provided to companies that operate from a country and provide their services in a different country. It earns them trust to provide services in various countries.

These are bets that you place on events that are far away in the future.

No, odds continue to change when you are doing in-game or live betting.

This bonus is offered by sportsbooks that accept crypto deposits. They would offer you a free bet or a percentage of your deposit in cash.

Yes, most of the websites that we have reviewed allow you to use parlays on golf and most other games.