PGA Tour Sports Betting

The PGA season consists of 45 regular tournaments and 3 playoff games/events. Each of these games tends to be of huge interest to betting fans everywhere. With the season lasting almost a year, there is a lot on offer for players everywhere.  

The whole season tends to be very exciting from start to finish for golf lovers. On top of this, when golf lovers are invited to place a few bets it makes the PGA Tour even more exciting. Golf Betting can be a lot of fun. The best golf betting sites are here to help players have a great time.

Top PGA Sportsbooks Online

FanDuel Sportsbook
  • bullet-iconUser-friendly interface
  • bullet-iconSeamless transition from DFS to sportsbook with one wallet
  • bullet-iconPromos and free plays for existing members
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FanDuel Sportsbook is a very good online sportsbook that seems to have a lot to offer every player. Players have a good range of sports to bet on, and some competitive odds to enjoy using. This is a sportsbook that seems to do what it can to beat the competition. It has a great level of security and some good deposit and cash out options.

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet Bonus Offer
  • bullet-iconEasy to use website and app
  • bullet-iconEvery game can be live streamed for free
  • bullet-iconWide variety of sports to bet on
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The BetMGM Sportsbook is potentially one of the best sportsbooks around. With a wide variety of sports to choose from and a good New Customer Offer, players are certainly in for a good time. Offering parlays and great odds compared to many other sportsbooks, BetMGM Sportsbook is well worth spending time on.

DraftKings Sportsbook
$50 Free Bet
  • bullet-iconGood range of betting markets
  • bullet-iconExcellent customer support
  • bullet-iconLow minimum deposit
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This DraftKings Sportsbook review has been an interesting one to research. This online sportsbook has a lot to offer every player. From a good range of betting markets to some good bonuses and promotions, here is an online sportsbook that seems to offer it all. Players should seriously consider spending time on this exciting sportsbook.

Betway Sportsbook
  • bullet-iconInternational brand
  • bullet-iconExtensive sports
  • bullet-iconCompetitive odds
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Betway Sportsbook is a good online sportsbook as it has quite a lot to offer every player. This is an online sportsbook that has helped to make online gambling even more pleasurable. With some good betting odds and cashing out options, this is a sportsbook that means business. Players can expect to place a bet on many different betting markets, should they wish to. While there could be more bonuses and promotions, here is an online sportsbook that is set to impress.

Unibet NJ Sportsbook
Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet
  • bullet-iconExperienced and trustworthy brand
  • bullet-iconExtensive betting options
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New Jersey's Unibet sportsbook is a very good sportsbook that is well worth spending time on. With a good range of betting markets and some good odds, this is a sportsbook that could be going places. Online from 2019, there is still time for the site to improve slightly.

Table of Contents

Top 5 PGA Betting Sites / Sportsbooks

Here at Profit Squad, we understand that many people like to place a bet at the best PGA betting sites. However, it’s often hard to know which sites are the best. The good news is that the best betting sites can be found below. 


PGA Betting Site

What We Love About The Site


Consistently good odds, nice user interface, offers live streaming 


Good range of bonuses, live streaming options, good user interface


Always offers competitive odds, players can watch live streamed games, nice welcome bonus


Cashing-out often available, in-play bets on offer, good selection of betting markets 


Good user interface, nice selection of bonuses, navigation is good


Let’s take a closer look at some of the best golf betting sites around:




✅Consistently good odds

❌More customer service options could be added

✅Nice user interface

❌Withdrawing winnings can take time

✅Offers live streaming


✅Security is good


✅A good range of banking options






✅Good range of bonuses

❌Fewer banking options than many other sites

✅Live streaming options

❌The promotions are a little complicated 

✅Good user interface


✅Consistently good odds available


✅The overall web experience is impressive






✅Always offers competitive odds

❌Withdrawing winnings could be a little quicker 

✅Players can watch live streamed games

❌The standard of customer service could be improved

✅Nice welcome bonus


✅Players can feel protected by the level of security


✅An impressive range of betting market options





✅Cashing-out often available

❌The range of deposit and withdrawal options aren’t enough

✅In-play bets on offer

❌The layout needs to be improved

✅Good selection of betting markets 


✅Players can watch some live streaming games


✅A well-known sportsbook brand






✅Good user interface

❌The sports market is quite limited

✅Nice selection of bonuses

❌The live chat feature does not always work

✅Navigation is good


✅Good selection of betting markets 


✅Withdrawing money is a quick process


The best PGA betting sites in our opinion are those that are listed above. Anyone who loves to watch or even play golf may wish to visit some or all of the above sites.

How To Choose The Best PGA Betting Sites Online?

If you are new to the world of golf betting you may find choosing the best sites hard. After all, there are so many sportsbooks out there that offer players the chance to bet on golf matches and tournaments. However, we can help to make your search a little easier. Here’s how: 

Consider what you want from a betting site

While this may seem rather obvious, it’s something that is worth noting. If you know what you want from a betting site you’re more likely to find one that is in line with your preferences. If you want to find a website that pays a lot of attention to the PGA Tour, it’s likely that you’ll find one. 

If you don’t really know what you want from a betting site you may not find one that’s ideal. Consider what it is you want from a betting site. Don’t automatically sign up to the first sportsbook that you find. Instead, take a bit of time. 

Read reviews

The next thing that you may wish to do is to read reviews. Read reviews that have been written in the last 4-6 months. It’s these reviews that are likely to help you to find out how well the sportsbook in question is performing. 

If a sportsbook is not looking after its players you’ll read about it. Reviews that are older than 6 months old may no longer be relevant. The issues that players have written about may have been resolved. Stick to looking at more recent reviews and see what is being mentioned. 

Check out the bonuses

Every online PGA sportsbook should offer players at least a few bonuses. Bonuses are what help to attract players to the site in question. They should also be sufficient to keep players there. 

See what is on offer and how much every player can benefit from using the bonuses. Some bonuses may be more appealing than others. With this in mind, it’s worth looking at a few different PGA sportsbooks. When you do, you’re more likely to find a sportsbook or two that have bonuses you like.

Review the odds

Every online sportsbook will list odds for every game of golf. Ideally, they will keep the odds competitive. The odds should ideally attract new players and encourage them to place a few bets. 

Take a look at the odds that are offered by a few different sites. You could start by looking at the sites in the table above. Most of the sportsbooks in the table offer competitive odds. Some of the odds may be a little better than others. Therefore, it’s worth taking a look and seeing what’s available. 

Check out the extras

Many PGA sportsbooks offer a few extras. For example, some sites offer PGA Tour-lovers the chance to watch a few live-streamed games. They may also offer boosted odds from time to time as well as quick cash-outs.

It’s these little extras that can help to make an online sportsbook even better. Take a look at what golf betting sites are offering. There’s a really good chance that you could find a site that offers extras you want. 

Check for apps

Many of the best PGA Tour sports betting sites have apps available. They tend to be offered for Android and iOS devices. The apps potentially let players access their favorite sportsbooks via a mobile device. This can only be a good thing as it means players won’t need to be sitting at a computer to place a bet. They can simply log into their chosen device and place a bet.

If one of the most popular golf sportsbooks does not offer an app, don’t worry. It may be because the site is mobile-optimized. What this means is players can access the site easily no matter what device they’re using. When a site has been mobile-optimized it usually means the site has as much to offer as the desktop site. Players should, therefore, be able to place their usual bets easily.

Bonus Offers And Promotion Offers

All online PGA sportsbooks will offer a range of bonus offers and promotion offers. Some of the most popular and most common bonus offers and promotions include: 

Deposit matches

This type of bonus offer is perhaps one of the best around. This offer involves players receiving a deposit match. In other words, if a player deposits $30, for example, into their account they could receive $30 from the sportsbook. This means that the player has $60 to bet with. 

Welcome bonuses

All online sportsbooks should offer a new player. Welcome bonuses can be anything from deposit bonuses, free money, free bets, and boosted odds. Players will have a specific amount of time to use any of the bonuses. However, they can be ideal for attracting new players to the sportsbook.

Free bets

A free bet potentially takes away any risk that’s associated with placing a bet. While free bets may be limited to specific games, they can still be fun to use. There is always a chance that a player will win money when they place a free bet.  

When players see a range of bonus offers and promotions up for grabs they should make the most of them. This is because they can help to make their PGA betting experience even better. Players should note that every sportsbook is likely to offer a specific selection of bonus offers and promotions. This is because they want to appeal to players.

Customer Support

Customer support is not something that a lot of people think about until they have an issue with something. Whatever the issue be, most online PGA Tour sportsbooks offer a number of customer support methods. 

Some of the most common methods include:


  • Live chat
  • Telephone helpline
  • Email 
  • Social media messaging


These days, players expect to receive a response to their queries quickly, preferably within 48 hours. If there is a live chat feature available, it tends to be the most popular option. Primarily because players can receive a response within a short space of time. In some cases, players may get a response from the customer service team within 20 minutes. 

The  additional options that are listed are also quite popular. However, social media messaging is a contact method that’s becoming increasingly popular. Many online sportsbooks are now offering social media messaging as a contact option. Messages can be responded to just as quickly as they are via live chat. This ultimately means that potential issues can be resolved quickly.

The User Interface

A user interface (UI) is a very important part of a sportsbook. The better the UI is, the happier the majority of players will be. The UI should look good and help the site to be easy to navigate. In addition to this, there should not be too many menus for players to choose from.

Any online sportsbook that has a modern user interface is likely to attract more players. This is simply because players like to access sites that are frequently updated and look good. Therefore, it makes sense for online PGA sportsbooks to make sure the user interface is good. 

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to the issue of deposit and withdrawal methods, the more an online sportsbook offers, the better. Players want to be able to choose from a variety of methods rather than be limited to just a few. Most PGA sites will ideally offer at least a few of the following methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
  • Prepayment cards
  • E-wallets


Some players may have to use one deposit method and a different method to withdraw their winnings. This is because not all deposit methods allow players to withdraw their funds. This is relatively OK if there are many different methods on offer. 

Safety And Security

Safety and security is an important issue that players should be clued up on. The safer an online sportsbook is, the better. Players should ideally feel safe every time they place a bet at a PGA sportsbook. 

It makes sense for players to look for signs that a site is licensed and regulated. A site that is licensed and regulated will mention this at the bottom of the main page. Players may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to read this information. On occasion, a PGA sportsbook may have more than one license. This is a good thing. It means that the site in question has made extra sure it operates fairly and safely. It also means that the site has met the high standards of the licensing authorities. 

Any site that does not mention a license or regulation should be avoided. This is because the site is very likely to be illegal and, therefore, unsafe to spend time on. Players should instead visit a site that they know is safe. 

The Types Of PGA Bets Offered

Many golf betting sportsbooks offer players a range of PGA betting lines to choose from. Some of these bets can include: 

Win bets

This type of bet tends to be the most common around. Players simply have to bet on which golfer they think will win the round or tournament. This can be harder than you think at times. However, this does not stop a win bet from being one of the most popular. 

Each way bets

While each way betting is usually found in the world of horse racing, it’s also found in the world of golf. Some online sportsbooks will offer players the chance to bet on some of the biggest golf tournaments around. Players can bet on which golfers they think will win. There is a chance for players to bet on whether their chosen golfer will be in the top 8 or 10 places. Should the golfer end up in the top 8 or 10, they will receive some winnings. 


An over/under bet is an interesting type of bet. Players can decide whether a golfer will achieve more than or less than a score that’s suggested by the sportsbook. Players should note that this score is usually a fraction such as 6.5. 

To finish

A bet such as this can be hard to place. Players need to choose which golfer will be in the top 5, top 10, or top 20. The odds for a bet such as this are unlikely to be as good as they are for a win bet. However, they can still be well worth placing. 

Most golf sportsbooks offer a range of bets. It helps to keep the betting process much more interesting. 

The Top PGA Golfers (October 2022)

At the time of writing (September 2022), the top PGA golfers were:

Xander Schauffele

One of the most popular and promising players around, Schauffele has been a part of teams who have won big. He was part of the President Cups and Ryder Cup. Both of these teams won big recently. With 3 very recent wins and ranking 2nd this season Xander Schauffele is one to watch. 

Will Zalatoris

Here we have a golfer who had his 1st PGA Tour victory just a few weeks ago. Zalatoris also had a few 2nd place finishes as well as 9 top 10 finishes. 

Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay is considered to be one of golf’s most consistent players. He is the reigning FedEx Cup Champion and has had 11 finishes in the top 10 this year. 

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith has been a focal point of many tournaments. In January 2022, Smith had the lowest score in a 72-hole event. This promising golfer has also had many other wins recently. However, Cameron Smith is also 3rd in the PGA Tour. 

Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler has achieved a lot in the world of golf. With wins in the Arnold Palmer International and the WGC-Technologies Match Play in a few weeks of each other, Scheffler has had 4 wins in 6 starts. 

The Top Tournaments

Many major golf tournaments take place every year. Some of the golfing world’s top tournaments include: 

The Masters

The next time this major tournament takes place will be in early April 2023. Located in Augusta, Georgia, the Masters will take place at Augusta National Golf Club. The current champion at the time of writing (September 2022) is Scottie Scheffler. 

PGA Championship

The PGA Championship is a huge event. Taking place at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester New York, this Championship promises a lot.  Justin Roberts is the current champion, but will he hold onto the title when the next Championship takes place in May 2023?

LIV tour

The LIV tour is a new tour that was only founded in 2021. The very first event took place in June 2022, with the Invitational set to become even bigger next year. With more than 25 events that take place between the International Series and main league, the LIV tour promises much. 


PGA Tour Sports betting is a very exciting affair, as are any golf betting opportunities. Fans of golf betting should be aware that there are many online sportsbooks to choose from. However, the sportsbooks we at Profit Squad have mentioned are some of the very best. They offer much to every player. They also help to make betting on golf matches and tournaments even more fun. 


Yes. It’s perfectly legal for players to bet on the PGA in the parts of this country that have made gambling legal. If a player lives in a state where gambling is not legal they may need to travel to a state where it is legal. Once they’re in the state they can place a bet.

No. It is very unlikely that anyone will win a life-changing prize. However, some people do with a few hundred dollars from time to time. 

Yes, but only if the sportsbook is licensed. If a sportsbook is not licensed it means it could be operating illegally. Sites such as this are unlikely to be safe so players should avoid them.  

A range of PGA bets can be placed such as win bets, each way bets, over/unders and to finish.

No. A PGA betting app can only be used in the states that have legalized gambling. Players who live in a state where gambling is not permitted will need to travel to a state where it is legal. They can then place a bet, and withdraw any potential winnings. 

Yes. It is in the site’s interest to offer a range of bonuses and promotions to all players. Some PGA sites offer more than others. However, there’s usually at least a few on offer. 

Here at Profit Squad, we think that BetMGM is the best PGA betting site. However, some players may prefer Unibet or Betway. It all depends on what each player wants from a site.