The Best UFC Betting Sites

Many UFC fights take place throughout the year, offering players many opportunities to place bets. The best UFC betting sites let players place a range of bets in order to keep things interesting. Some of the best MMA betting sites also let players enjoy a few fights via their live streaming options. This helps to make the fights even more exciting.

Top UFC Sportsbooks Online

FanDuel Sportsbook
  • bullet-iconUser-friendly interface
  • bullet-iconSeamless transition from DFS to sportsbook with one wallet
  • bullet-iconPromos and free plays for existing members
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FanDuel Sportsbook is a very good online sportsbook that seems to have a lot to offer every player. Players have a good range of sports to bet on, and some competitive odds to enjoy using. This is a sportsbook that seems to do what it can to beat the competition. It has a great level of security and some good deposit and cash out options.

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet Bonus Offer
  • bullet-iconEasy to use website and app
  • bullet-iconEvery game can be live streamed for free
  • bullet-iconWide variety of sports to bet on
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The BetMGM Sportsbook is potentially one of the best sportsbooks around. With a wide variety of sports to choose from and a good New Customer Offer, players are certainly in for a good time. Offering parlays and great odds compared to many other sportsbooks, BetMGM Sportsbook is well worth spending time on.

DraftKings Sportsbook
$50 Free Bet
  • bullet-iconGood range of betting markets
  • bullet-iconExcellent customer support
  • bullet-iconLow minimum deposit
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This DraftKings Sportsbook review has been an interesting one to research. This online sportsbook has a lot to offer every player. From a good range of betting markets to some good bonuses and promotions, here is an online sportsbook that seems to offer it all. Players should seriously consider spending time on this exciting sportsbook.

Betway Sportsbook
  • bullet-iconInternational brand
  • bullet-iconExtensive sports
  • bullet-iconCompetitive odds
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Betway Sportsbook is a good online sportsbook as it has quite a lot to offer every player. This is an online sportsbook that has helped to make online gambling even more pleasurable. With some good betting odds and cashing out options, this is a sportsbook that means business. Players can expect to place a bet on many different betting markets, should they wish to. While there could be more bonuses and promotions, here is an online sportsbook that is set to impress.

Unibet NJ Sportsbook
Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet
  • bullet-iconExperienced and trustworthy brand
  • bullet-iconExtensive betting options
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New Jersey's Unibet sportsbook is a very good sportsbook that is well worth spending time on. With a good range of betting markets and some good odds, this is a sportsbook that could be going places. Online from 2019, there is still time for the site to improve slightly.

Table of Contents

Top 5 UFC Betting Sites / Sportsbooks

Here at Profit Squad, we know there are a lot of great UFC sites out there. However, there are some sites that are much better than the rest. These are:  


UFC Betting Site

What We Love About The Site


Tends to offer great odds, has live streaming options, and a great welcome bonus


Appealing sign-up bonus, good selections of promotions, live streaming options


Easy to navigate, good user interface, good range of promotions offered


Impressive fight selection, in-play betting, cash-out options


Competitive odds, smooth user interface, live streaming options


The above UFC sites are our favorites for a variety of reasons. They stand out from the crowd and allow players to make the most of every bet. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best fighting betting sites around: 




✅Tends to offer great odds

❌The level of Customer

✅Has live streaming options 

❌Withdrawing funds can take too much time

✅A great welcome bonus


✅Good betting markets offered


✅Ideal level of security 






✅Appealing sign-up bonus

❌The promotions are a little complicated 

✅Good selections of promotions

❌There are too few banking options 

✅Live streaming options


✅Smooth user interface (UI)


✅Good selection of odds






✅Easy site to navigate

❌Some customer contact options don’t always work  

✅Good user interface (UI)

❌Selection of fights can be limited 

✅Good range of promotions offered


✅Nice selection of betting markets


✅The withdrawal speed is good 






✅Impressive fight selection

❌The layout can be confusing

✅In-play betting options

❌There are limited banking options

✅Cash-out options


✅Live streaming occasionally offered


✅A well-known brand






✅Consistently competitive odds

❌Customer service is not always great

✅The user interface (UI) is good

❌Withdrawing funds can be too slow 

✅Good live streaming options


✅Great banking options available


✅Security is very good


The best UFC betting sites are listed above. It’s clear to see why we at Profit Squad like each of these sites. They offer a lot to every player, helping to make their betting experiences even more fun. While there may be some disadvantages to the above sites, they are minor. Every online sportsbook will have a few disadvantages no matter how well they are run. All that players need to do is to decide whether they are happy to visit the site. They may be able to make the most of all that they have to offer and make every bet count.

How To Choose The Best UFC Betting Sites Online?

At Profit Squad, we know that finding a UFC site that you like is not always easy. There are a lot of sites out there that let you bet on fights. However, we have made a step-by-step guide that can help you to choose the best UFC betting sites for you. 


  1. Decide what type of site you want to visit 


You can potentially place the best UFC bets on a site that appeals to you. Decide which type of site you want to visit. Will this site specialize in UFC or will it offer other sports as well? When you know what type of site you want to visit you can potentially narrow your search down. 


  1. Read recent reviews


Once you have found a site that you like, make sure you read some reviews. Many players are more than happy to leave a review from time to time. Recent reviews are usually worth reading. They can indicate just how good (or bad) a site is. If the UFC betting site in question cares what players think they’re likely to respond to the reviews. 

Some sites will leave comments on reviews, others will change less popular aspects of the site. Reading recent reviews will give you an indication as to how well the site treats its players. 


  1. Look at the bonus offers 


How many bonus offers does your chosen site have? Ideally, the site will have at least one welcome bonus. This is something that is offered to all new players. There may also be at least a few other bonuses as well. In fact, the more bonuses there are, the better. 

Some fighting sportsbooks also offer players a few promotions. They can include competitions and the chance to get on a leaderboard. 


  1. Look at the odds offered 


Anyone who bets on a fight knows that the better the MMA betting odds are, the more money they could win. Take a look at the odds that are offered. See whether they are any good. It makes sense for every online sportsbook to offer great odds. While you may not see amazing odds all of the time, they should at least be competitive. When the odds are great, players can make their best bets. UFC best bets can result in a nice win if the odds are good. 


  1. Check for those little extras


Many UFC sites offer a little more than some other sites. For example, they can offer players the chance to enjoy some live streaming. While there is usually a 1-2 second delay, live streaming can make betting on fights much more exciting. 

Some sites also offer in-play betting. What this means is that players can potentially place a bet while a fight is taking place. This can be a very nice feature as players can bet on the fight’s progress. 


  1. Look for an app to download 


Most online sportsbooks offer players the chance to download an app. Apps can be very useful as it means players can place a bet from no matter where they are. As long as they can connect to the World Wide Web, it’s possible to place a bet. 

Both iOS and Android apps should be available. If there is no app available, look for web optimization. Ideally, if there is no app then players should be able to access the full site via a device. 


Every player should now be able to find a UFC sportsbook that they like and trust. When a player trusts a site they can feel confident that their money and their identities will be kept safe. This allows players to relax and enjoy placing bets.

Bonus Offers And Promotion Offers

All UFC sportsbooks should offer a good range of bonuses and promotions. They can include: 

New player bonuses

Bonuses such as this are also known as “welcome bonuses”. They exist to attract players to the site in question. Additionally, new player bonuses change from time to time. This is to potentially attract players that did not like the previous new player bonuses. 

Deposit matches

Many players love deposit matches. They work by offering players the chance to get as much money back as they deposited. For example, if a player deposits $100 into their account, the sportsbook may do the same. Of course, there are deposit match limits. However, this type of bonus allows players to indulge in some risk-free betting. 

Free bets

Free bets can appear on most sportsbooks from time to time. They take away the risks that are associated with placing a bet. Players can win money by placing a free bet. However, they may have to wager it a few times before it can be withdrawn. 

The best MMA betting site will offer more than enough bonuses and promotions. It will give players a lot of choices so that they can choose which bonuses they want to make use of.

Customer Support

Most players don’t seem to think about contacting customer service until they need help. The good news is that most UFC sportsbooks offer at least a few contact options. 

Some of the most popular customer support options include:


  • Telephone helpline
  • Email 
  • Live chat
  • Social media messaging


The live chat feature tends to be the most popular contact option. This is because players can receive a response within minutes. Other methods can take a little longer, however.

User Interface

The user interface (UI) is an integral part of any website. The better the UI is, the easier the site will be to navigate. A bad user interface is one that has too many menus and is slow to load. The better the UI is, the happier players will be. 

The very best UFC betting sites will have a smooth user interface that looks good. The graphics will be appealing and the site will load in less than 3 seconds.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Many online sportsbooks used to offer a limited range of deposit and withdrawal methods. These days, however, they need to offer as many options as they can. This is simply because it’s what players expect. Most UFC sites should offer players the chance to deposit funds using the following methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
  • Prepayment cards
  • E-wallets


Players who deposit funds using a prepayment card will need to look for another method when withdrawing cash. However, there are usually a number of other options available. 

Withdrawal times can be a contentious issue. Players naturally want to receive their winnings as quickly as possible. Ideally, the money will be sent to a player’s account within 5 working days.

Safety And Security

Many players find a site they want to bet on and place a bet. However, they don’t always check the site’s level of security. Failure to do this may cause a few issues. 

All legal sportsbooks will have a license and be regulated. Sportsbooks with no license or regulation should be avoided. This is because there’s a big risk that a player’s money and their identity could be stolen. Therefore, it makes sense that players check whether a site is licensed. 

The license and the license number are usually found at the bottom of every page. Some sportsbooks are licensed by more than one authority. This just means that they have taken even more care to make sure the site is up to standards. If there is no license, players should avoid the site. It is likely to be illegal and, therefore, dangerous to visit.

The Types Of UFC Bets Offered

UFC betting lines tend to be a little different from the betting lines offered on many other sports. Some of the most popular UFC betting lines include: 

Knockout or technical knockout (TKO)

Players can choose which fighter they think will win by knockout or technical knockout. It’s not necessary for a fighter to be unconscious for a referee to announce a TKO. They may simply be unable to defend themselves. 

Win by submission

Should a fighter tap out the other fighter would have won by submission. 

Win by judge’s decision

If it is not clear who the winner of the fight is, the judges may decide. It’s up to players to decide if a fight will be won by submission. They also need to choose which fighter they think will win. 

Round bets

Players may have the opportunity to bet on who will win a particular round. This is not always easy to predict as some fights may seem quite equal. 

Time prop bets

This type of bet refers to when a fight will end. Players can guess the time that the fight will end. This can be quite tricky to predict. However, if a player guesses correctly they will win their bet. 

Fight winner – Players can make a prediction as to which fighter they think will win. This is typically the easiest type of bet to make as there’s only one winner.

How UFC Bets Different From Other Bets?

UFC bets can differ from bets you would find in other sports. There are two significant ways that this type of bet will differ. They are the opening lines and the covers lines. These are: 

Opening lines

When placing a bet, the odds will be shown slightly differently. The very first column which is also known as the Open column shows the 1st odds that have been posted. The Opening lines can be a very good indicator as to how the fight may play out. 

The Covers lines

These lines are usually found in the last column. The column shows the general odds that are listed by some of the world’s most trusted sportsbooks.

The best sites to bet on UFC fights are likely to have opening lines and covers lines. They exist to make betting on fights a little easier.

The Best Mobile Friendly Apps

The best mobile friendly UFC betting apps let players bet on as many bets as they wish. In fact, the best apps will offer just as many betting opportunities as the desktop version. Players should be able to log into their chosen sportsbook from wherever they are. They should be able to access the same menus and place the same types of bets.

Not every online UFC sportsbook offers an app, however. This does not mean that players cannot potentially place a bet. It means that the site may have been mobile optimized. What this means is that the site can be accessed via a tablet or cell phone. All credit to online sportsbooks that offer this option. It means they have put in a lot of work to ensure the site can be accessed by multiple devices. 

Should a player be able to download an app, the app should ideally work well. It should not take long to load and it ideally will look good. Players should be offered the same bonuses, promotions, and types of bets as they would be online. The apps should also keep players up to date with the changes in odds. 

There are many great mobile friendly apps out there. Some of which are run by our favorite UFC sportsbooks. They allow players to place a bet or two wherever they may be.

The Top UFC Fighters (October 2022)

Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards recently ensured that his fans headed into the last part of 2022 with a bit of a bang. The welterweight knocked out Kamaru Usman and became the leader of the 170-pound division. Additionally, Edwards also took out the most recent king of the division. This just goes to show that Leon Edwards is one of the top UFC fighters out there. It’s also likely that he will have to face Kamara Usman again in a trilogy match. Who knows which way that match will go? 

Merab Dvalishvili

With the biggest win of his career scored recently, Merab Dvalishvili fought hard to make sure that Jose Aldo, a UFC legend lost out. With 8 fights all fought and won very recently, it looks as though the Bantamweight title is still up for grabs. Could Dvalishvili grab the title from his team mate Aljamain Sterling? Only time will tell. 

Ciryl Gane

Ciryl Gane managed to knock Stipe Miocic down to 3rd place. This is even after he survived a scare when he fought against Tai Tuivasa. Gane is now considered to be one of the most dangerous fighters in his division. The two-time heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic may well be removed from the rankings in October 2022. This is a result of him not competing for over a year. This may well mean that Ciryl Gane could end up with even more wins to his name.


The world of UFC is extremely exciting and it’s a sport that many players love to bet on. With many different types of bets offered, players can potentially place even more bets than they realized. This is especially the case as more and more UFC sportsbooks are appearing online. Players now have even more choices than ever before. 

There are some great online sportsbooks out there. However, here at Profit Squad, we believe that the sportsbooks we’ve mentioned in this article are the best around. They offer a lot to every player and help to make betting on UFC fights even more exciting.


Yes. This type of betting is legal in many parts of the US. However, it’s illegal in some states. Players should be aware as to whether UFC betting is offered in their state. 

No. It would be nice to suggest that players could earn a living this way. However, we at Profit Squad know that most players will get the occasional good win. Players very rarely win big. Those who do so are unlikely to win a huge amount again. 

It is. However, it’s only safe when players bet on a licensed and regulated online sportsbook. Illegal sportsbooks should be avoided as there’s no guarantee that they are safe. 

Players can place a range of UFC bets online such as win by knockout or technical knockout, win by submission, win by judge’s decision, Round bets, and time prop bets.

This depends on whether it’s legal to bet in the state in question. Some bets do not allow players to place a bet. 

Yes. In fact, it’s in the site’s interest to offer bonuses and promotions as they attract players. 

Here at Profit Squad, we think that Unibet is the United State’s best UFC betting site. However, some players may prefer other sites instead. It all depends on what the player wants from a betting site.