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Unibet NJ Sportsbook Review

Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet

New Jersey’s Unibet sportsbook is a very good sportsbook that is well worth spending time on. With a good range of betting markets and some good odds, this is a sportsbook that could be going places. Online from 2019, there is still time for the site to improve slightly. However, it’s good enough as it is. Offering the occasional Unibet free bet as well as some good welcome bonuses, this sportsbook seems to be in it for the long haul. Thanks to its easy-to-navigate website and great customer service, Unibet Sportsbook is perhaps one of the best in New Jersey.

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Overall Rating

Unibet NJ Sportsbook

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Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet

Bonus Code


Welcome Bonus Offer

Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet

Bonus Valid

July 2022

New Jersey Partner

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Online Since

June 2019

Unibet Sportsbook’s Pros & Cons

As with all sportsbooks Unibet Sportsbook has some pros and cons, they are:



Unibet Sportsbook Bonus offer details

Welcome bonus offer
Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet
Bonus valid
July 2022
New Jersey partner
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Online since
June 2019
Accepted payment methods
Visa, PayPal, PayNearMe, Play+, Vip preferred, Skrill, NETELLER, Paysafecard, Bank Transfer
Risk-free Bet
Up To $500
Minimum Deposit
Legal States
Coming Soon

Overall Experience

All Unibet reviews should mention that this sportsbook’s online atmosphere is very good. As soon as players log in it’s clear that this is one of the best sports betting sites in New Jersey. Add the great level of customer service and players are in for a real treat. If this was not enough, the cashing out process is quite simple, especially as there are many different withdrawal options available. 

The Unibet Sportsbook has a good feel to it and the level of security is set to impress. Anyone in New Jersey who loves sports and placing a bet should visit this website, it is likely to be worth their time.

Unibet Sportsbook Bonuses & Promotions

At the time of writing (July 2022), Unibet Sportsbook was running the following bonuses and promotions:

Welcome Bonus

New players are welcomed to Unibet with a risk-free bet of up to $500. Players need to place a bet of at least $10 and up to $500. If the bet does not win, Unibet will refund the player’s account. The refund should be in the player’s account within 48 hours. Please note, players may be unable to withdraw the money that has been refunded. Instead, they may have to place further bets.

$10 Free Play Bonus

Players can qualify for a $10 free play bonus. Players simply need to use the promo code BONUSMATCH. Players will need to enter the promo code into their accounts so that they can receive the free play bonus. There are other Unibet promo codes available from time to time. Players will need to keep an eye out for them so they’re not missed.

While the above bonuses and promotions are quite good, there aren’t enough. It is a shame that Unibet does not offer more. Most online sportsbooks offer a lot more bonuses. They attract new players and encourage them to stay with the website. It is hoped that more bonuses and promotions will be added in the future. 

Please note, the above bonuses and promotions may change from time to time. Players should, therefore, visit the promotions section so that they can be updated with the latest offers.

Unibet Sportsbook Deposits and Withdrawals

The following deposit and withdrawal methods are accepted by Unibet: 

  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe
  • Play+
  • vip preferred
  • Skrill
  • paysafecard
  • Bank Transfer   
  • Cash at Hard Rock Casino 

Players can deposit cash into their accounts at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City. All credit to Unibet for offering players this option. For some, it may be more convenient than using some of the above deposit methods. It also offers a little more security, something that a lot of players are aware of these days. 

  • Deposits 

The minimum amount that a player can deposit is $10, which is the average minimum deposit amount. There does not seem to be a maximum deposit amount. However, most payment methods set their own deposit limits. Players will need to contact their chosen payment company if they want to find out how much they can deposit each day. Deposits will reach players’ accounts instantly, meaning they will be able to place a bet right away. 

  • Withdrawals

The minimum amount that a player can withdraw from their account is $10. This is half the minimum withdrawal amount that a lot of other online sportsbooks offer. All credit to Unibet Sportsbook for keeping the minimum amount so low. 

Players are unable to withdraw their money using Play+, PayNearme, bank transfer, and paysafecard. Players who have used this method to deposit funds into their accounts will need to find an alternative method to withdraw funds. The good news is that there are still many other withdrawal options available.

  • Hard Rock Casino 

Players can withdraw money from their accounts at the Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City. Please note, players may need to show some identity documents when they are requesting a withdrawal. They may also be asked to show evidence that they have deposited money into their accounts. This is to make sure that the Casino only ever gives money to the rightful owner of the account in question. 

  • Withdrawal times

The amount of time that it takes players to withdraw funds depends on the method used. PayPal offers almost instant withdrawals, however, bank transfers can take up to 5 business days. Other withdrawal methods can take between 3 and 7 business days to reach a player’s account. Please note, some withdrawal methods may charge a fee. 

If there is a delay in the money reaching a player’s account, they should check their identity status. Players who have recently uploaded their identity documents may have to wait for the documents to be approved before they can withdraw any funds. 

  • Offering PayPal 

All credit should be given to Unibet Sportsbook for offering PayPal as a payment and withdrawal method. Not all online sportsbooks offer players the chance to use this method. However, it can be ideal for those who do not wish to input their bank or credit card details online. It’s also considered to be one of the safest and most reliable payment methods around. However, players should be aware that PayPal may charge them to withdraw cash to their bank accounts.

Unibet Sportsbook’s sports betting markets

Unibet Sportsbooks offers its players the chance to bet on a wide range of betting markets. These include: Baseball, basketball, boxing, football, golf, hockey, soccer, and tennis. Players can also be on NFL, NASCAR, MLB, MLS, the NBA, WNBA, the PGA Tour, and the NHL. Unfortunately, players are unable to place any bets on college games that are taking place in New Jersey. 

  • NJ teams 

This online sportsbook only allows players to place a bet on the New Jersey Devils. However, players can place bets on the New York Jets and the New York Giants. It is hoped that more New Jersey teams will be added to this sportsbook in the near future. 

  • Other US teams

The other US teams that players can place a bet on include: The Philadelphia Eagles, the Phillies, The Philadelphia Flyers, the 76ers, and Union. Players can also bet on the New York Yankees, New York Rangers, Knicks, Islanders, as well as the Brooklyn Nets. 

Other US teams include those within the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, MLS, the NBA, WNBA, the PGA Tour, and the NHL.

All credit should be given to Unibet Sportsbook for offering players the opportunity to bet on a lot of different betting markets. 

  • Software provider

Unibet sportsbook NJ works with software provider Playtech. Playtech is a well-known provider that works with online sportsbooks and casinos based all over the world. It offers players the chance to place a diverse range of bets if and when they wish to.

Unibet Sportsbook Trust and Security

Unibet Sportsbook is licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Is Unibet Sportsbook legit? Yes. This online sportsbook is completely legitimate. Only sportsbooks that have the highest standards and operate fairly can have the above license and regulation. 

Unibet Sportsbook is legal in the states of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Indiana, and Virginia. What this means is that people located in these states can legally access the sportsbook, should they wish to. 

Please note, those who are located just on the border of these states may not be able to log in. This is because this sportsbook may use triangulation to detect where a player is located, as many sportsbooks do. There may be some errors in detecting where a player lives. However, as long as the player has access to the web, they should be able to log in from many other locations that are not quite as close to the border.

There are plans to open a new Unibet sportsbook in Michigan sometime in the near future. 

  • Offering players protection 

This online sportsbook offers all of its players a lot of protection. Players can safely and securely deposit their money into their online accounts. This is because Unibet Sportsbook uses a range of security measures to help prevent hackers from gaining access to a player’s account. 

  • The Casino Control Act 

Unibet fully complies with the Casino Control Act to make sure that the website is run at a very high standard. What this means is the online sportsbook takes extra measures to keep every aspect of the sportsbook as safe as possible. All credit should be given to Unibet Sportsbook for this.

Unibet Sportsbook Customer Service

Unibet Sportsbook offers players the opportunity to contact them in the following ways: 

The live chat feature is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as is the telephone line. It is assumed that the email account is operated during these hours as well. 

Having 3 contact options just goes to show how important the players are to Unibet Sportsbook. Not many online sportsbooks offer this many contact options. All credit to Unibet Sportsbook for offering 3 contact options. It means that players can choose their preferred method to reach out for help. 

  • Response times 

Should a player email customer services they will receive a response within 48 hours, sometimes sooner. This is the usual response time on most online sportsbooks. Please note, players are much more likely to get the answer they need if they add their question to the subject box. 

When a player reaches out to customer services via live chat, they typically have to wait no more than 25 minutes for a response. Player’s queries are often answered quite quickly via the live chat feature. It also seems that those working on the live chat function are happy to answer any queries. It seems that they go to great lengths to make sure that players are happy with the services they have received. 

Calling Unibet Sportsbook via telephone results in calls being answered within 30 minutes, sometimes sooner. This is the amount of time a player should expect to wait whenever they call an online sportsbook. The customer service team is usually friendly and happy to help.

  • FAQ section

Unibet Sportsbook offers its players a lot of support. Players can visit the “Support” section that is found on the homepage. Clicking on this section will take players to a range of menus. Clicking on one of the menu sections will take them to an FAQ section. 

The FAQ section is quite good, but it could be a little more detailed. If a player is unable to find the answers they need they are encouraged to contact customer services.

Unibet Sportsbook Extra Features

  • Bonus code 

Players are encouraged to use the latest Unibet sportsbook bonus code so that they can receive a $10 free play bonus. NJ Unibet promos and bonus codes do tend to vary from time to time, so players should frequently check their latest updates. 

  • Live betting

Unibet Sportsbook offers its players the chance to enjoy some live betting. This is great news as it means that players can place a bet based on the progress of the game. Not all online casinos offer this to their players, so all credit should go to Unibet Sportsbook for this. Unibet Sportsbook should also be given credit for the good betting odds that it offers. The odds tend to be quite competitive which means that players are more likely to stick with this particular sportsbook. 

  • In-Play Console 

The In-Play console is fairly easy to make sense of as it’s set out quite nicely. It allows players to see the progress of the game in question, in addition to this, players can also place bets based on the game’s progress, should they wish to. 

The In-Play console also allows players to see which games are taking place. This coupled with the progress of each game allows players to make an even more informed decision about which games they want to bet on. 

  • Parlay Booster

Players have the chance to use a parlay booster with at least 3 legs. The parlay booster offers players the chance to increase their winnings from 4% and up to 50% for every additional leg. T Players can opt for a 12-leg parlay, should they wish to. The winnings are awarded in cash and games need to have odds of at least -200. 

Parlay bets can be quite risky as it’s hard for a player to correctly guess the winner of every game. However, this is why parlays can offer some great prizes.

Unibet Sportsbook App Experience

Unibet has an app that lets players place bets when they are not at their computers. Both iOS and Android users can download the app and will find that it is very similar to the desktop site. This is excellent as it means players can easily bet on the sports that they love. 

When it comes to the issue of bonuses and promotions, players will no doubt be happy. The same bonuses and promotions are available on the app as they are on the desktop site. All credit to Unibet for this. 


  • Downloading the app


Android users can download the app from the Google Play store. iOS users can find the app at the App Store. Installation is fairly easy and players simply need to log into their accounts so that they can place a bet. New players can also set up a new account via the app, should they wish to. However, some players may simply find it easier to set up a new account online before returning to the app.


Thanks to all that the Unibet Sportsbook offers, online gambling has never been more fun. This is an online sportsbook that has a lot to offer every player. While there could undoubtedly be more bonuses and promotions on offer, this is a sportsbook that almost has it all. 

With a great online atmosphere and many different sports to bet on, Unibet sportsbook is here to stay. Players should have no difficulty finding at least a few matches to bet on. If this was not enough, players can also choose which type of bet they would like to place, such as a parlay bet. 

If a player wishes to spend time on a sportsbook that has much to offer, this is one that is well worth considering. Even though this sportsbook has only been around since 2019, it is one that’s set to be here for many years to come.


The Unibet NJ sportsbook bonus code is BONUSMATCH. Players can also enter this code when using the Unibet sportsbook app.

Yes, Unibet Sportsbook is licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.  In other words, Unibet online betting is safe to use.

The minimum age is 21. Please note, the minimum age may vary between states.

No. Unfortunately, players are unable to place any bets on college games that are taking place in New Jersey.

Yes. Unibet Sportsbook is available in Philadelphia, Indiana, and Virginia. Only those who are located within New Jersey’s borders can use the NJ sportsbook.

No. This is because Unibet uses strict methods to make sure those outside of New Jersey are unable to log into the Unibet New Jersey sportsbook.

In New Jersey, the minimum age is 21. Other states may have lower minimum age requirements.

The Unibet Sportsbook offers players the chance to use a parlay booster with at least 3 legs and with a chance to increase winnings from 4% and up to 50%.

Players will need to visit their accounts and make sure they have at least the minimum withdrawal amount ($10). To withdraw their funds, players simply need to select “Withdraw” and their funds will automatically be processed.

Unibet sportsbook may void a bet if the bet contains inaccurate information or odds. Players are asked to contact customer services if their bet was voided.