Best Sports Betting Sites in West Virginia

Here at Profit Squad, we take a look at the best sports betting WV has. We know how important it is that you find a sportsbook that works well for you. We also know how important it is that any WV sportsbook that you spend time on is legal and it has the correct licenses. 

There are many sports betting sites in West Virginia, but we only ever want you to spend time on the very best out there. Not only are you likely to be safe while you bet, but you’re also likely to enjoy yourself every time you log in. 

West Virginia sports betting sites

WV’s top bookmakers table

Below, you can find a table of West Virginia’s top bookmakers. 




Caesars Sportsbook

$1,100 Bet Insurance

FanDuel Sportsbook

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet 

BetMGM Sportsbook

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet 

DraftKings Sportsbook

Up to $1,050 Free

PointsBet Sportsbook

5 Risk-Free Bets Of Up To $500

BetRivers Sportsbook

100% Deposit Match Of Up To $250

The above online sportsbooks were the only legal online sportsbooks in West Virginia at the time of writing (May 2022). More online sportsbooks may be added over time. 

Please note, the above bonuses were correct at the time of writing and are subject to change at any time. Please visit your chosen online sportsbook’s bonus/promotion section for updated information. 

What we review

Here at Profit Squad, we take online sportsbook betting very seriously. We review many different aspects of each West Virginia sportsbook to help us determine which sportsbooks are the best for you. Yes, this is something we actually want to do. We want to keep you away from any online sportsbook in West Virginia that isn’t legal. This is because they may steal your cash and even your identification. There’s also a real chance that they may not pay out any winnings that you could be entitled to. 

So, when we come across one of the state’s online sportsbooks we look at:

Its licenses and regulations - We only ever recommend an online sportsbook that has the correct licenses and regulations.

The variety of sports it offers - The more sports a player can bet on, the better.

The types of bets players can place - Parlay bets, for example, are very popular. The more types of bets that a player can place, the more fun they’re likely to have.

How many games are shown each day - The more games the merrier.

The types of bonuses and promotions on offer - Bonuses and promotions work to entice players can keep them visiting the site from time to time.

The deposit and withdrawal methods - The wider the variety, the better as it makes both depositing and withdrawing cash so much easier. Players should also be told if they can both deposit and withdraw cash using the same payment method. If not, they should be offered different alternatives.

How long it takes for winnings to reach your account - Players should not be expected to wait too long to see the money in their accounts. Ideally, the money will arrive within 5 working days, if not sooner.

If live-streaming is available - Some online sportsbooks offer this option as it makes betting even more fun.

How easy the site is to navigate - A site that’s hard to navigate can put players off. Ideally, players should be able to find a game or match to bet on in less than three clicks.

How easy it is to place a bet - The procedure of placing a bet should be very easy, and again, it should be possible within three clicks.

The types of customer services contact options - Ideally, there will be at least two different customer contact options to choose from. It’s also preferable if players receive a response from customer services within 24 hours of reaching out to them.

The site’s reputation - The online sportsbook should have a great reputation and work hard to make sure that current players continue to enjoy visiting the site.


We review all of the above factors to help us determine how good the online sportsbook in question is. As soon as we know the sportsbook can be trusted and is good to visit, we tell you. 

The range of bonuses and promotions

Many online casinos bonuses exist to encourage players to visit the site and place a few bets. Online sportsbooks do the same. They tend to offer a range of bonuses and promotions to all players. These can include:

Deposit match 

A deposit match is a bonus that many online sportsbooks offer. A bonus such as this involves players depositing money into their accounts. As soon as the money is in their account, the online sportsbook in question will match that deposit. Let’s imagine that a player deposits $100 into their account. The sportsbook will match the deposit and send $100 to the player’s account. This means that the player will have $200 in their account. 

Players should note that the money they receive as part of the deposit match can only be spent at the online sportsbook. There may also be limitations as to which games or races players can place a bet on. However, all of this will be explained in the terms and conditions. 

Risk-free bets

Risk-free bets ensure that players receive some or all of their bet back if they don’t win. For example, a player may place $50 on a horse race. If they lose the bet, they could receive the money back. This means that they don’t lose any of their own money. 

Free cash 

Some online sportsbooks in West Virginia offer players the chance to get some free cash. Cash such as this can typically only be spent on specific games or races. However, the free cash is a chance for players to place a bet without risking their funds. Free cash tends to be offered as part of a monthly or weekly promotion. Players may need to bet a specific amount of money each week or month to be in with a chance of receiving some free cash. 

Bet tokens 

Bet tokens work in a similar way to free cash. They can be spent on specific games or races and do not risk the player’s own funds. Players are usually allowed to keep any money that they win on the bet in question. However, they may need to wager the winnings at least a few times before they can withdraw the cash. All of the information regarding this can be found in the site’s terms and conditions. 

Bet insurance

Bet insurance can be something of a lifesaver. While this type of bonus is not available very often, it can help players to win their bet. This is because it ensures that the player wins the bet when they would have ordinarily lost it. This type of bonus is often added to parlay bets that can be hard enough to win at times. 

The range of sports betting games available in WV

There are many different games and races that players can bet on in WV. These include:

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Table tennis

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Horse racing

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Virtual Sports

Players can also place bets on the following leagues: NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. There are some restrictions to the type of sports gambling West Virginia offers. Players are unable to place a bet on sports that take place at high school level. This is likely to be because the state does not want those who attend high school to feel the pressure associated with being bet on. 

How to place a bet online

Those who are lucky enough to live in West Virginia can now place a bet online. However, using a computer is not the only way to place a bet. Many sportsbooks have a WV sports betting app. An app such as this allows players to log into their accounts no matter where they are. 

The good thing about WV mobile sports betting is that apps such as these tend to offer just as much as the website does. This means that players can still bet on their favorite teams and sports as and when they please. 

Let’s now take a look at how you can place a bet online: 

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Choose a sportsbook

One of the first things that you need to do is to choose which sportsbook you’d like to bet on. While West Virginia does not have many online sportsbooks, those it does have are well worth visiting. In fact, they tend to be operated by some of the industry’s major betting companies. This can potentially make it hard to choose between the online sportsbooks around. However, players can think about what they want from a sportsbook and see if there are any that meet their needs. Alternatively, players can simply visit a range of online sportsbooks to see which one they prefer.

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Create an account

As soon as you have found a sportsbook that you like the look of, it’s time for you to create an account. The good news is that this process tends to be fairly easy. For the most part, you simply need to give your email address, click on any confirmation link that you’re sent and you’re good to go. Yes, it really is that easy. After all, it’s in the online sportsbook’s interest to make signing up for an account relatively easy.

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Deposit funds

Now it’s time for you to deposit some funds into your new account. Make sure you know how much the minimum deposit amount is. Some online sportsbooks have a $10 minimum, others have $20 or even $50 minimum deposit. Don’t worry, you will be told what the minimum amount is when you sign up. Depositing funds is usually very easy and most online sportsbooks offer a range of deposit options. Choose the right method for you and deposit some cash to your account.

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Claim your bonus

The best online casinos and sportsbooks in West Virginia offer player’s a bonus or two. Some of the larger online sportsbooks offer more than a handful of bonuses and promotions. All credit to them for this. Some bonuses are only available once you have deposited cash. Be sure to deposit money so that you can claim that bonus. Many online sportsbooks tend to offer different bonuses as a way of competing with each other. It may, therefore, be worth your while checking out the bonuses offered to see which one you prefer. Either way, it’s likely that the bonus is a good one.

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Place a bet

So, you’ve opened your account, deposited funds, and enjoyed a bonus. Now it’s time for you to place a bet. Be sure to check out the types of bets available and the games and races you can bet on. As soon as you have found a bet that you like the look of, check the odds. You may need to learn a little more about how odds work if you’re flummoxed by them. However, once you do, you’re more likely to place a bet that you like the look of.

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Withdraw your winnings

If you have been lucky enough to win a bet, now it’s time for you to withdraw your winnings. Of course, you don’t have to withdraw your winnings, you can leave them in your account. Please note, if you have won a bet that you made using a bonus, you may have to wager the cash again. There tend to be rules surrounding withdrawing winnings. Some online sportsbooks ask that you wager the winnings at least 5 times. However, if you’ve won after placing a bet using your own money, you can withdraw it when you please. Just make sure you know how long it takes for winnings to be sent to your bank account. Please note, depending on which method you used to deposit funds, you may need to choose another way to withdraw cash. This is because you may not be able to withdraw funds using the same method. The good news is that it’s usually easy to find an alternate method.

West Virginia teams to bet online

All WV sports betting sites offer a wide variety of sports for players to place a bet on. However, there is not a professional sports team in the Mountain State. The good news is that players can bet on teams from other parts of the country. 

Some of the most popular sports and leagues in West Virginia include:

NHL - The Pittsburgh Penguins

American Football

NFL - The Pittsburgh Steelers

NBA - The Cleveland Cavaliers

MLB - The Pittsburgh Pirates

When it comes to betting on college sports, the good news is that this is permitted in this part of the world. While players in other states are unable to bet on college sports, it is permitted in WV. This means that WV sports betting news is usually full to the brim of college sports news. 

WV sports betting history

West Virginia is known as being something of a conservative state. However, it was clear that there was a need for sports betting in the state. Before players had the chance to bet in WV, they had to travel to other states. There was also a risk that players who lived in West Virginia would gain access to illegal online sportsbooks. The good news is that this is less of an issue.

Let’s take a look at WV’s sports betting history as it’s certainly an interesting one. 

2017 – Rep. Shaun Fluharty introduced  H2571, a bill that it was hoped would pass and eventually allow online gambling to be legalized in West Virginia. Unfortunately, the bill did not pass, but it did get people talking. 

2018 – Rep. Shaun Fluharty introduced a sports betting bill in January of this year. In addition to this, State Senator Stephen Baldwin filed a bill known as S106. While neither of the bills passed, they certainly helped to get the ball rolling. 

  • June – The FanDuel Group made a deal with The Casino Club at The Greenbrier and began to operate a sports betting facility.
  • August 10th – The West Virginia Lottery Commission gave FanDuel and Penn National interim sports betting permits.
  • August 30th – The first legal sportsbook opened at the Hollywood Casino in Charles Town and was the state’s very first legal and regulated sportsbook.
  • September 13th – The country’s only private casino was opened at The Greenbrier and allowed sports betting.
  • November 21st – Mountaineer Casino opened and players in West Virginia now had three sports betting locations that they could visit. 
  • December 27th – Wheeling Island Hotel and Mardi Gras Casino and Resort launched both mobile and retail sports betting.


2019 – The WV sports betting bill number 2178 was introduced and legalized online gambling. The bill also focused on the launch of a number of online sportsbooks. However, the West Virginia Lottery Commission decided that it would not support the bill. The good news is that the bill became law and West Virginia was the 3rd state to offer locals both casino and online betting. 

  • March 6th – Wheeling Island Hotel and Mardi Gras Casino and Resort cease to operate. 
  • August 26th – FanDuel’s betting app is introduced and online sports betting comes back to the state after almost six months of absence.
  • August 28th – DraftKings online sportsbooks.


2020 – BetMGM launched in January and became West Virginia’s third sports betting app. 

As you can see, online sports betting in WV has something of an interesting history. No state seems to have had an easy ride when it comes to the subject of online sportsbooks. However, West Virginia got here eventually. 

It is hoped that more online sportsbooks will open up in WA soon as players may want to have more betting choices. However, only time will tell as to whether they do. 


Yes. Online sportsbooks are completely legal in West Virginia and they have been since 2019.

No. Players who live in West Virginia can only legally bet on online sportsbooks that are located in West Virginia. 

Yes. Players can place a bet at online sportsbooks and online casinos in West Virginia.

No. Players can place bets in other states. However, players will need to be located in West Virginia if they want to bet on WV online sportsbooks. Geolocation technology prohibits players from outside of WV from gaining access to online sportsbooks in the state. 

Players can bet on college teams in West Virginia. However, as there are no professional sports teams in the state, players can bet on other teams. 

Yes. WV online sports betting laws allow players to place a bet on college sports in West Virginia. However, players cannot place a bet on high school sports. 

Find an online sportsbook that you like the look of and create an account. Find a race or game that you want to bet on and check the odds. Place a bet, sit back, relax, and enjoy the game. Withdraw winnings and enjoy all that the sportsbook has to offer. 

This depends on what you’re looking for. Some players may prefer FanDuel, others may love BetMGM. It’s all subjective. 

Yes. Players can download sports betting apps to their phones or tablets. 

Some people prefer Caesars sportsbook because it looks good, others like FanDuel because it has a lot of sports to bet on.