The Best Tennis Betting Sites

All tennis fans know that many tennis matches take place every year. Each of the matches offers players the chance to place as many bets as they wish. The best tennis betting sites allow players to place a wide variety of bets so things remain interesting. Some of the best tennis betting sites around even offer live streaming options. This option can make tennis matches even more exciting. 

Top Tennis Sportsbooks Online

FanDuel Sportsbook
  • bullet-iconUser-friendly interface
  • bullet-iconSeamless transition from DFS to sportsbook with one wallet
  • bullet-iconPromos and free plays for existing members
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FanDuel Sportsbook is a very good online sportsbook that seems to have a lot to offer every player. Players have a good range of sports to bet on, and some competitive odds to enjoy using. This is a sportsbook that seems to do what it can to beat the competition. It has a great level of security and some good deposit and cash out options.

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet Bonus Offer
  • bullet-iconEasy to use website and app
  • bullet-iconEvery game can be live streamed for free
  • bullet-iconWide variety of sports to bet on
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The BetMGM Sportsbook is potentially one of the best sportsbooks around. With a wide variety of sports to choose from and a good New Customer Offer, players are certainly in for a good time. Offering parlays and great odds compared to many other sportsbooks, BetMGM Sportsbook is well worth spending time on.

DraftKings Sportsbook
$50 Free Bet
  • bullet-iconGood range of betting markets
  • bullet-iconExcellent customer support
  • bullet-iconLow minimum deposit
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This DraftKings Sportsbook review has been an interesting one to research. This online sportsbook has a lot to offer every player. From a good range of betting markets to some good bonuses and promotions, here is an online sportsbook that seems to offer it all. Players should seriously consider spending time on this exciting sportsbook.

Betway Sportsbook
  • bullet-iconInternational brand
  • bullet-iconExtensive sports
  • bullet-iconCompetitive odds
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Betway Sportsbook is a good online sportsbook as it has quite a lot to offer every player. This is an online sportsbook that has helped to make online gambling even more pleasurable. With some good betting odds and cashing out options, this is a sportsbook that means business. Players can expect to place a bet on many different betting markets, should they wish to. While there could be more bonuses and promotions, here is an online sportsbook that is set to impress.

Unibet NJ Sportsbook
Up To $500 Risk-Free Bet
  • bullet-iconExperienced and trustworthy brand
  • bullet-iconExtensive betting options
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New Jersey's Unibet sportsbook is a very good sportsbook that is well worth spending time on. With a good range of betting markets and some good odds, this is a sportsbook that could be going places. Online from 2019, there is still time for the site to improve slightly.

Table of Contents

Top 5 Tennis betting Sites / Sportsbooks

Here at Profit Squad, we know there are some great tennis betting sites out there. However, when betting on tennis, players typically want to bet on the best sites around. These are:   


Tennis Betting Site

What We Love About The Site


Impressive sign-up bonus, good range of bonuses and promotions, offers live streaming 


Competitive odds frequently offered, live streaming options, good bonuses up for grabs 


Good selection of matches to bet on, in-play betting options, cashing out occasionally available


Competitive odds frequently offered, easy-to-navigate site, live streaming offered


Easy site to navigate, high quality user interface, good range of bonuses and promotions


The above Tennis sites are our favorites for a variety of reasons. They stand out from the crowd and allow players to make the most of every bet. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best fighting betting sites around: 




✅Impressive sign-up bonus

❌Complicated promotional offers

✅Good range of bonuses and promotions

❌Not enough banking options 

✅Offers live streaming 


✅User interface (UI) is good


✅Competitive odds






✅Competitive odds frequently offered

❌Customer service could be better

✅Live streaming options

❌Withdrawing funds takes too long

✅Good bonuses up for grabs


✅Good range of betting markets available


✅Security is good






✅Good selection of matches to bet on

❌Confusing layout

✅In-play betting options

❌There could be more banking options available

✅Cashing out occasionally available


✅Live streaming options available 


✅A trusted brand






✅Competitive odds frequently offered

❌Customer service could be better 

✅Easy-to-navigate site

❌Withdrawing winnings takes too long

✅Live streaming offered


✅Good selection of banking options 


✅Impressive level of security 






✅Easy site to navigate

❌Occasional issues with some customer contact options

✅High quality user interface

❌Shows limited selection of tennis matches 

✅Good range of bonuses and promotions


✅Wide betting market variety


✅Quick withdrawal speed


The best tennis betting sites can be found above. Each of these sites seems to offer so much more than many others. This means that players can make the most out of every visit to the betting site in question. 

How To Bet On Tennis?

At Profit Squad, we know that betting on tennis for the first time can seem challenging. There are usually many betting options available. As a result, betting on tennis can seem more complicated than it really is.

Don’t worry, we will show you how to bet on tennis, helping you to make the most of each bet. 


  1. Find an online sportsbook that you like  – There are many to choose from. However, make sure you like the look of a sportsbook before you sign up to it. It should offer you the chance to bet on as many tennis matches as you wish. 


  1. Sign up to the sportsbook and deposit some funds – Some online sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit amount of just $10, others will have a $20 minimum. Make sure you know how much the minimum deposit is before you sign up. 


  1. Make use of any bonuses the sportsbook offers – It’s in every online sportsbook’s interest to offer players as many bonuses as possible. Take a look at the welcome/new player bonus and make use of them if they appeal to you. 


  1. Look for some tennis matches to bet on – Most online sportsbooks will show which markets you can bet on in the left hand side of the main page. 


  1. Select a match and check out the tennis betting odds – There is likely to be a number of tennis matches offered. Find at least one that appeals to you. 


  1. If you agree with the odds, place a bet – Place the bet of your choosing and make sure you understand how much you could potentially win. 


  1. Sit back and enjoy the tennis match – Now it’s time for you to enjoy all that the tennis match has to offer. 


  1. If your bet wins, your winnings will be sent to your sportsbook account – It’s likely that the winnings will be in your account within 24 hours. If you placed a bet using a free bet or free money you may not be able to withdraw your winnings right away. Some sites require you to wager your winnings a number of times before they can be withdrawn. 


As you can see, betting on tennis is relatively easy. It can seem a little challenging at first. However, once you know how to place a bet, the rest is very easy. 

Betting Sites With The Best Tennis Promotions

There is a wide range of tennis betting sites out there. However, it’s not always clear which of these sites offers the best tennis promotions. Don’t worry, we at Profit Squad have scoured the internet for you. We have done our research and found out which sportsbooks have the best tennis promotions. They are: 


Online Sportsbook


DraftKings Sportsbook

Up to $1,050 in Bets

BetMGM Sportsbook

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet

FanDuel Sportsbook

$1,000 Risk-Free Bet


Players should be aware that the above promotions were correct at the time of writing (September 2022). Players may want to check the above online sportsbooks to see what promotions are still running. 

Types Of Bonuses And Promotions

All tennis sportsbooks should offer players a range of bonuses and promotions. Some of the best and most popular bonuses and promotions include:

New player bonuses

A new player bonus is one that is only offered to a new player. This type of bonus can include free bets that come with no risk or even deposit matches. New players can only use this type of bonus once. However, they are likely to benefit from this type of bonus as they are made to attract players. 

Deposit matches

This type of bonus is very popular. It revolves around players receiving as much money as they deposited into their accounts. For example, if a player chooses to deposit $50 into their account, the sportsbook may also deposit $50. What this means is the player will have $100 in their account. Deposit matches are usually limited to a specific amount. However, they can be an ideal way to introduce players to an online sportsbook. 

Free money

Some online tennis sportsbooks offer players free money from time to time. Free money comes with no risk. If a player places a bet using the free money they will not lose anything if their prediction does not come true. Should a player win, they may be able to collect their winnings. Alternatively, players may have to bet their winnings before they can withdraw them. 

Free bets

Free bets work in around the same way as free money. Players will be told when they have a free bet. They may be limited as to which matches they can place the bets on. However, there’s always a chance that they could win some money. Players may have to bet their winnings before they can withdraw them. 

Boosted odds

From time to time, some sportsbooks offer players boosted odds. Odds such as these can be better than you may find elsewhere. Boosted odds might be limited to specific tennis matches. However, they can make betting on the match more profitable. Just make sure you know which matches you can use the boosted odds on before you place a bet. 

The best tennis betting site will offer players a good range of bonuses and promotions. Some sites offer so many that players are spoiled for choice. Should a player not like the bonuses and promotions offered by a site they could wait a month. Some online sportsbooks change their bonuses and promotions every 2-3 months. Therefore, it could be worth the wait.

Customer Support

It’s not unusual for players to only contact the customer service team when they need help. Most tennis sportsbooks offer players a number of contact options. 

Some of the most popular customer contact options are:


  • Telephone helpline
  • Email 
  • Live chat


The live chat feature seems to be one of the most popular contact options around. It allows players to receive a response to their queries within minutes. Other contact methods can take longer to give a player a response. 

Ideally, it won’t take very long for players to receive a response from the customer service team. Players are usually happy if they receive a response within 48 hours. Any longer, and they may be unhappy.

User Interface

The user interface (UI) is what a player sees any time they log into a sportsbook. The UI is a very important part of any website. It can predominantly help to attract players or put them off. If the UI is good, the site will be easy to navigate. If the user interface is bad and there are too many menus, for example, players will be unhappy.  

The very best tennis betting sites will have a user interface that has some good graphics and takes no more than a few seconds to load. 

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Some online sportsbooks used to offer players a rather limited range of deposit and withdrawal options. However, these days, online sportsbooks need to offer a wide range of options. This is because players expect them to. Most tennis sites should offer all players the chance to deposit some money using at least the following options: 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bank transfer
  • E-wallets
  • Prepayment cards


Those who choose to deposit funds via a prepayment card may need to choose another method for withdrawals. The good news is there is usually a good number of options available. Players should choose the option that is more convenient for them. 

When it comes to the subject of withdrawing winnings, it can be a contentious issue. Many players simply want to get hold of their money as quickly as possible. The money should be sent to a player’s account within 5 working days. However, some online sportsbooks take longer than this. This is understandably something that many players will be unhappy with. Some players may even choose to spend their time and money elsewhere instead. Therefore, it makes sense for tennis sportsbooks to offer fast withdrawals. 

Safety and Security

All legal online sportsbooks will have a license. This is something that they need to ensure they can operate legally. Sportsbooks that do not have a license should be avoided. Sites such as these can potentially steal a player’s money and their identity. It, therefore, makes sense for players to check whether a site has a license. 

The license can typically be found at the bottom of the main page. Some tennis sportsbooks have more than one license. This means that the sportsbook has worked to ensure the site is of a high standard. It also shows that they have done the work to keep the site safe and fair. 

If no license is listed, players should avoid the site. This is because the site is very likely to be illegal. Players should spend time at a site that is safe as their accounts are less likely to be hacked. 

The Types Of Tennis Bets Offered

Tennis betting lines tend to be similar to those found when betting on a few other sports. Some of the most popular tennis betting lines include: 

Moneyline bets

This type of bet revolves around individual tennis matches. These matches can be single or double matches. This is the easiest type of bet to place. It also happens to be one of the most popular. Players simply need to decide which tennis player or players they would like to win. If they guess correctly they will win their bet. 

Over/under bets

An over/under bet is one whereby a player bets on how many sets will be played in a match. A lot of players like to bet on 22 sets. Players can then choose to bet whether the match will have more than (over) or less than (under) 22 sets. Should the player guess the number of sets correctly they will win. 

Point spread betting

A points spread bet refers to how many matches a specific tennis player may win. 

Prop betting

Prop bets are some of the most popular types of bets out there. They help to make betting a lot of fun. Players can bet on almost any outcome. For example, they could bet on how many points a player might score. Alternatively, they could decide how many times a player will be out. Sometimes the odds on prop bets can be very high. 

Futures bets

A futures bet is one that revolves around players betting on a match that takes place in the future. A match such as this can be scheduled to take place in a few weeks, a few months, or even a year. 

To win bets

This type of bet revolves around who a player thinks will win a tennis tournament. Bets such as these can be hard to place. However, they can come with some good odds. 

Every online tennis sportsbook is likely to offer a range of betting markets. The more betting markets they offer, the happier players will be. 

The Best Mobile Friendly Apps

The best mobile friendly tennis betting apps allow players to visit their favorite tennis betting sites. Apps such as these make tennis betting online less of a priority. Players can simply log into their devices, find a match to bet on and make use of some good Wimbledon odds. There is no need for them to log into the sportsbook via their laptop or desktop computer. 

The best app may also offer live tennis betting, a range of betting markets, and all that the desktop site offers. Ideally, all tennis sportsbooks will offer an Android and an iOS app. If they don’t the site should be mobile-optimized. This means players don’t need to download an app. Instead, they can visit the site via their devices and do as much as they could via the desktop site. 

World's Top Tennis Players (October 2022)

Novak Djokovic

It’s not even worth talking about the thrilling game of tennis without mentioning Novak Djokovic. Here we have a player who has won an incredible 16 Grand Slams. He has also won 7 Australian Open titles, and so much more. The Serbian player must be one of the world’s most famous tennis players. It seems that he still has so much more to do. 

Iga Swiatek

The award for the best female tennis player in the world must go to Iga Swiatek. This tennis player seems intent on beating everyone she comes up against. A tennis fan’s favorite. Swiateck has a very promising future. The Polish player has 7 singles titles under her name as well as plenty of wins. 

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is ranked in 5th place by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals). However, he still remains one of the very best tennis players out there. With more than 20 Grand Slam titles, as well as 81 consecutive wins on a clay court, Nadal is here to stay. 

Anett Kontaveit

The Estonian player is ranked the world’s number 2 female player. If this was not enough, Kontaveit is also considered to be Estonia’s highest ranking tennis player ever. This is a player who we all need to keep an eye on. With a singles title under her belt in 2022 and 6 to date, Anett really seems to have it all. 

Major Tennis Tournaments

Many tennis tournaments take place every year. Some of the major tournaments include:

US Open

New York is home to the US Open and it has been since 1881. The US Open takes place in August and September every year and attracts tennis fans from all over the globe. With a very lively atmosphere and much to offer spectators, those who love tennis need to visit the US Open at least once. 

Australian Open

The Australian Open is one of the biggest tournaments on the tennis calendar. Also known to be one of the southern hemisphere’s biggest sporting events, the Australian Open is always worth watching. Held in Melbourne Park since 1988, this tournament has been dominated by Novak Djokovic since 2008. 

French Open

The French Open takes place in Paris and is home to clay courts. In fact, it’s one of the only major tennis tournaments that is held on clay courts. Taking place since 1891, the French Open sees the tennis balls moving slower than usual thanks to the clay surfaces. However, this does not take away the fact that there are some excellent matches played every year.


Wimbledon is undoubtedly one of the most popular tennis tournaments in the world. Thousands of people flock to the tournament every year. Taking place in London, Wimbledon has a grass court and takes place over 2 weeks. Dating back to 1877, this coveted tournament usually features some of the world’s best tennis players.


The world of tennis is an exciting one. Throw in some betting and it’s likely that players everywhere will enjoy themselves even more. There is so much to offer those who love to place a bet on tennis. From a wide range of betting options to some great bonuses and promotions, it’s a great time to place a bet on tennis matches. 


Yes. Tennis betting is perfectly legal in many parts of the country. However, not all states allow players to place any kind of bet. Where gambling is allowed, players can bet on tennis. 

No. However, the best tennis betting sites may offer some good odds now and again. This means that players could potentially win a nice amount of money. It is unlikely, however, that any player will earn a living betting on tennis. 

Yes. As long as the online sportsbook is licensed it’s safe for players to place a bet. They can make use of live tennis odds, betting markets, and all that the site has to offer. 

While every online sportsbook offers a different range of bets, some of the most popular are: moneyline bets, prop bets, futures bets, win bets, point spread betting, and under/over bets. 

No. Some states are yet to legalize gambling. This means that should some players wish to place a bet they may have to visit another state. They can then place a bet and potentially withdraw their winnings. 

Most tennis betting sites do. They use bonuses and promotions to help attract players to the site. 

Here at Profit Squad, we think that DraftKings is the best tennis betting site. However, some players may prefer another betting site instead. It’s all subjective.